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lospilotos 6th Dec 2011 13:53

B737NG First Officers - Expressions of Interest - Europe
Anyone got the details of this job listing on Pilot jobs, airline jobs, aviation jobs from aviation recruitment specialist Flightdeck Recruitment and willing to share?

ZZair 6th Dec 2011 14:01

Not sure but I suspect this is Norwegian recruiting F/Os for AGP base. Ad looks very similar to the one they aired with PARC.

jetjockey696 6th Dec 2011 14:11

yep... I saw it too with agency based in rishworth and parc...and probably some other.. sound interesting...

Redline 6th Dec 2011 15:32

Norwegian.. Malaga base

captplaystation 6th Dec 2011 17:32

Just a reminder to anyone thinking of going for it (if it does indeed happen, for the moment it is "expressions of interest" & could well end up being a HEL base again, with AGP as the carrot to bring in the applications :hmm: ) to check the respective "customer satisfaction" comments on the two agencies concerned, here on pprune forums, rather than believing the website of one of the agencies concerned. :=

lospilotos 12th Dec 2011 07:50

You are well informed guys. It was indeed DY.

Salary: €3800/month
Per diem: €500/month
Allowance for accomodation: €800/month

Minimum 10 days off/month, "aimed" at a mix of 5/4 and 5/3

Bases LPA, AGP, OSL or HEL (LPA was new to me)

However, all in all, not good enough and most importantly, I won´t help Norwegian deteriorate the T&Cs for their existing pilots.

bfisk 12th Dec 2011 14:52

Who are offering DY contracts in HEL? PARC said they were not, at least not a week or two ago.

captplaystation 12th Dec 2011 15:28

Don't know what Rishworth were touting, but PARC blurb from 10 days ago or so only mentions Malaga base, no other.

captplaystation 13th Dec 2011 11:06


Admirable sentiments, but, the way I hear it, it is not you who is contributing to the downward trend of their T's & C's but the pilots themselves, & their Union, whom (I have read) have accepted that new joiners do so on inferior "new" contracts, in return for agreement that the existing "real Norwegian " contract- holding pilots get to keep them.
Manifestly short sighted of the Union IMHO, handing Norwegian the biggest stick possible in the fight , the "divide & conquer" weapon, as used so effectively for so long, in particular in recent times by Ryanair notably.
Short term stability for a decreasing group of pilots which will result in all of them losing everything they are trying to hang on to.
Naive & insane.

Shaman 28th Dec 2011 18:15

Hi Guys,

Out of interest, do Norwegian crews operate OSL to LPA and return in one duty day and if so what is the duty day? Is this the longest duty day?

Thank you.

LeftHeadingNorth 28th Dec 2011 20:33

Yes, LPA is operated with turn around from both ARN, OSL and CPH (probably SVG BGO as well but not sure). It is indeed one of the longest days. Duty time is very close to 13h. Wintertime though there are more layover down at LPA, TFS etc...

Shaman 29th Dec 2011 08:35

Thank you very much for the information - very interesting.

RAT 5 29th Dec 2011 12:49

Welcome to long-haul flying in a shortarse shorthaul cockpit. Bring your own massage cushion. And don't forget the DVT stockings.

ATIS 29th Dec 2011 15:37

I've seen Norwegian at Dubai. Must be a slog in a 737

Shaman 29th Dec 2011 16:09

The timetable suggests 7 hours in both directions and just on Friday and Sat - must be a long layover for somebody..........

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