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PRT2010 2nd May 2011 20:00

Emirates lowers requirments & interviewing in London???

Just had an email from a close friend who tells me that EK have invited him for an interview in LONDON(!) in May. He still has a frozen ATPL and about 2000hrs on the B737, however EK have told him this is fine. Does anyone know anything about this?:hmm:

I've looked on the EK site but found nothing about it - but was told to contact them directly at [email protected].

Any info on this would be helpful.


sharpclassic 2nd May 2011 20:16


Nice little free advert there! Is that the latest cost saving idea?

Do you want me to apply?


Dani 2nd May 2011 20:25

I don't know anything about the minimum requirements in EK, but remember that it was possible in the past to go to the assessement even if you didn't have the hours yet. You just have to wait a while until you have your needed hours.


zimoke 2nd May 2011 20:49

Anyone know what will be "Assessed" on the day?

zerotohero 3rd May 2011 02:06

They will asses your ability to search and look at the Emirates threads on PPrune for buckets load of info on it already :ok:

zimoke 3rd May 2011 11:06

ok lets put it another way zerotohero.
What areas of the rather expansive interview processes will they be going through in the one day in London.

take_that 3rd May 2011 11:30

Indeed, will this be a slimmed down selection process or is it the full 3 day affair, with the only change being that its not being held in the UAE?

Equally is this only for the low houred guys, as a hold pool before the full selection process once the required hours are met.

Finally, is this all a rouse anyway, as I have heard nothing regarding UK selection for DEP.

Jaydubya 3rd May 2011 14:14

I have been invited, days are 23-25 May at LHR. Got my confirmation email this morning. Choose any one day, syco test, compass and interview. If successful final interview will be held in Dubai.
Just for the record I am B737 rated with 3000+ hrs on type.

dustyprops 3rd May 2011 15:39

Desperation setting in here in the desert! I'm sniffing a bigger pilot shortage than predicted. "Keep Discovering"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DirectCF 3rd May 2011 18:26

Worth going, at least to see what it looks like :ok:

donpizmeov 3rd May 2011 19:13

I smell a rat! Is that an EMRAT?
hmm.... :
I did my interview just over 3 weeks ago and thankfully passed. What feed back would you like? I can rattle on here about every minor detail but I'm sure you know a lot already so any area in particular you're looking for? :ok:

With regards to the other comments - caution with any move is wise - but EK on PPRuNe can draw out the moaners, like many other companies.

The above is a previous post from our thread starter PRT2010 on the 9th Mar 2011. Must be cooling his heels in recruiting before he starts his course.
The world supply of pilots willing to move to the sand and be FOs forever on a forever changing contract seems to be waning, hence this new advertising approach.
Hope it works.:D

The Don

Pick a new name next time fella. Ozzie HR lady will not be happy you got found out!

SOPS 3rd May 2011 20:35

Yes Don, I see what you mean.....:E

Sqwak7700 5th May 2011 08:03

Hey PRT, you going to respond?
What's the point, it is so obvious when you look at his posting history. My guess is he/she will make a new identity and get on here to defend or detract from the original post.

It is kind off funny though.

EGGW 5th May 2011 08:19

NOT EK guys, similar line of work though to the recruitment team.


donpizmeov 5th May 2011 09:22

EGGW, he is EK. A new joiner who was not as competitive with others on his join date for the transition course. So is cooling his heels in Recruiting till a slot comes along.
I just hope he is aware that his seniority number means nothing when it comes time for a command and he will not have the hours. Only 40 new Boeings to be delivered, so hope he doesn't fall for the old "why don't you stay here in recruiting and delay starting course until next month" routine, that the Ozzie primary school teacher...oops...I mean ozzie HR lady will tell fresh meat. :hmm:
Welcome aboard PRT2010, I hope the sandpit is kind to you.

The Don

StinkyMonkey 5th May 2011 15:18

There seems to be a lot of inside information floating around here...

Witberg 5th May 2011 18:50

Have to agree with Don and co, sadly PRT is fresh meat as described. Lets hope he managed to avoid becoming another "notch" for the Ozzie. Either way, must try harder next time team!

Originally Posted by zimoke
Anyone know what will be "Assessed" on the day?

Is life up 'norf that bad that you are ALREADY looking for an exit? !

Originally Posted by StinkyMonkey
There seems to be a lot of inside information floating around here...

Quite possibly.

As an aside any bets on how low they are willing to go with the "requirements" and watering down the recruitment process? :ok:

Jaydee320 6th May 2011 08:15

Just attended a roadshow (may 4th).

You need an ATPL!
2000 hrs JAR25 (pref > 30 tonnes) for the interview etc. but to start you still need 2500 hrs...

Aussie 6th May 2011 10:06

Pref >30T..... Has something changed? This was a hard rule, is it now only Pref...?

adverse-bump 7th May 2011 22:31

2500 hrs on JAR 25?

There web site is still showing 2500 multi crew/engine JET.

does anyone know if they consider LHS turbo prop guys?

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