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Borealis 3rd Nov 2010 05:30

Emirates rumours
Greetings fellow airpeople!

Im sure that youve all heard various numbers of pilots from various companies applying and/or leaving their current position for a job with Emirates (and others ofcourse, but Im talking Emirates specifically here).

Thing is, Ive heard ridiculous numbers, but actually know only less than a handful of people actually heading towards those last drops of oil (in that area...). Has anyone got "confirmed", or relatively solid information about the number of pilots, from your own company, lets say, actually joining Emirates?

Wizofoz 3rd Nov 2010 07:16

Well, I can tell you from the EK end that we have around 32 new pilots starting each month, at the moment they all have our required levels of experience, and they have to have come from somewhere!!

The background of the new joiners is varied, from Americans coming from Major, LCC and regionals, some from Asian and African airlines, and a lot from various European carriers.

Yes, a few from R*****R, but not the flood that was initially predicted.

BTW, Emirates expansion has nothing to do with oil. Revenue TOO the Dubai government FROM Emirates is significantly greater than their oil revenues.

White Knight 3rd Nov 2010 18:47

C'mon Wiz - TOO or TO??????

Grammar police :}:}:}

Oh yeah to answer the original question - plenty coming to EK from everywhere!

Wizofoz 3rd Nov 2010 19:18


I plead keyboard bounce and good Scotch!!

White Knight 3rd Nov 2010 19:27

Keyboard bounce! I like that phrase:ok::ok::ok:

odericko2000 4th Nov 2010 14:10

:ugh: hope it's still a worthwhile place to toil

BigX 9th Nov 2010 16:59

For anyone who's put up with the perma-grim commercial climate of the rest of the world for the past few years, I would say it's definitely worth it - though it's always a gamble and I admit the landscape isn't for everybody. Still, sunshine every morning does wonders for your morale.

A lot of the posts I've seen that are far less positive (on other threads re EK) seem to come from people who have been here for some time and, dare I say it (standby for incoming), have forgotten how cutthroat the rest of the industry - particularly HR - has become whilst they've been enjoying the good life.

At the end of the day, I believe you could do much worse than give EK an audition.

Yu pays yur money and yu takes yur chances!

738bus 10th Nov 2010 12:20

Can Anyone Tell me How Long Before you get a call for interview?

Or Have they filled the quota for 2010?


Damianik 14th Nov 2010 20:06

Dubai has no oil.

White Knight 17th Nov 2010 18:24

Errrr - yes it does. Not much - but the Margham Oilfield in the desert about 40km from the city is still pumping oil out:8. Just so you know damianik:eek:

Damianik 19th Nov 2010 23:21

Yes, i recognized i used an exagerated version of:

Although Dubai's economy was built on the oil industry, currently the emirate's model of business, similar to that of Western countries, drives its economy, with the effect that its main revenues are now from tourism, real estate, and financial services. (wikipedia)

Dubai's oil reserves have diminished significantly and are expected to be exhausted in 20 years (wikipedia)

So Dubai has not much oil left..eheh

barit1 20th Nov 2010 00:58

Thirty years ago Dubai had much more natural gas than oil - so all electricity was generated by NG-fired gas turbines. So much that they had an aluminium smelter (Dubal) next to the power station. It was a way to convert NG (hard to export) to a marketable product. I think this is still true.

dustyprops 20th Nov 2010 04:12

738bus, friend of mine got an email with interview date about 4 days after he sent the online application, and he's already been down here for his interview and the "are you f'ing mad" lecture off me. Anyway whole thing about 3 weeks.

CBAN007 20th Nov 2010 07:00

No Typerating
Hi guys.
Has anyone recently got a job at Emirates or similar down there, without a typerating?

what_goes_up 20th Nov 2010 10:04

Hi guys.
Has anyone recently got a job at Emirates or similar down there, without a typerating?
No type rating required for EK as long as you have the min requirements stated on the recruitment website.

CBAN007 20th Nov 2010 11:06

Ah, Copy that. I should have known that. However, how strict are they with they minimum flying hours? Have about 1000 hours on fastmovers from the military, that is why I am asking :)

cortilla 20th Nov 2010 11:13

I went to one of their open days back in the summer and they said they were not hiring ex military pilots unless they have commercial experience. There were a couple of guys from the RAF there quite put out by that little nugget but the recruitment lady said rules was rules and highly unlikely to change in the near future.

Wizofoz 20th Nov 2010 16:51

Ah, Copy that. I should have known that. However, how strict are they with they minimum flying hours? Have about 1000 hours on fastmovers from the military, that is why I am asking
If those "Fast movers" are Jets, that's 1000hrs towards the 2000hrs jet (out of 4000hrs total) you need.

Without wishing to start a flame war, did you think 1000hrs on Nuck-jobs would somehow be preferable to experience on the types of aircraft we fly, doing the type of flying we do?

CBAN007 20th Nov 2010 17:39

Whatever dude:D. There's going to come a time, where they say they want 2000 hours guys, but can only get 1000 hours on whatever type. BUT they are not changing the wording in the adverbs. Was just wondering if that time has come...... Maybe not :ooh:

Wizofoz 21st Nov 2010 07:22


Sorry, I think I got the wrong end of what you were saying.

If you were asking whether 1000hrs fast jet would count towards the 2500hr requirement, fair question.

The answer is no at the moment but, as you point out, things can change.

That requirement seemed aimed squarely at the type of LOCO F/O who started on medium jets out of flight school, and now has a few years under his belt.

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