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Dr Esteban 3rd Mar 2010 11:49

Why no European crew bases for EK/EY/QR?
Hello All,

Why don't the major Middle-Eastern airlines consider crew bases in Europe,
like some of their Far-Eastern counterparts? Either operate a proper crew
base (CX) or a commuter base (eg. Netjets/KE/HU/CA).

This could potentially be interesting for airlines, especially over the next few
years as they will struggle with massive expansion, high demand for qualified
pilots and high attrition rates.
In addition it could result in significant savings with regard to housing and
education allowances.

I am sure pilots would also be more likely to consider a job with these airlines
if they could be based in Europe.

Please discuss.

Pin Head 3rd Mar 2010 12:37

simple reason; they want to keep any money earnt in the country of source.

747JJ 3rd Mar 2010 13:11

Crewing for multiple bases can be hard and takes more effort than having all crews and flights originate from the same place.

Also there is the matter of control. Once you are in Knoteetingham or Kimchiland, you are there and available and if needed can be more readily used to cover flights.

GlueBall 3rd Mar 2010 15:31

There are also tax issues when living in Euro Land . . . :{

Ajax 3rd Mar 2010 17:40

Because they couldn't get away with 0.03% of the crap they do now, if they were operating in a country that had things like "labour laws" and "union recognition".

Hell will freeze over before any of them have European bases.

wind check 3rd Mar 2010 21:40

dont worry because easyjet and ryanair will in the near future do long haul flights out of their european bases.

Flyingstig 4th Mar 2010 06:40

266`s erudite and eloquent rendition would seem to sum it up, IMHO!

Kirks gusset 4th Mar 2010 09:17

It's got nothing to do with shafting crews or labour legislation, but simple economics. European pilots would see this as job creation, the airlines would see this as job exporting. Given the punishing tax regimes and red tape now in the eurozone I doubt it looks attractive to either employers or employees.
Many CX pilots have HK housing allowances and favourable tax systems, as soon as they appear on the radar in the eurozone the bureaucrats start working on ways to wring every last penny in tax out of them. Sadly, the expansion for pilots will all be in the ME and Asia over the coming years, it's worth grabbing the jobs there while you can because in a few years these countries will be able to supply their own expansion needs from within. Didn't AA once try and start a HK base and the unions stopped it! I'm curious as to how £141K a year net and 12 days off a month in a row can be regarded as being "shafted", maybe I'm missing something, on the other hand we could work for BA and sit on the M25 for 12 days in a row, travel baggage class and fly 900hrs for half the net money:rolleyes:

TheKabaka 4th Mar 2010 18:41

on the other hand we could work for BA and sit on the M25 for 12 days in a row, travel baggage class and fly 900hrs for half the net money
Some of this sentance may be true, but not all of it.

320seriesTRE 25th Mar 2010 14:43

I think that once the industry pick's up again, a few of these airlines will need to reconsider their basing plans, unless they want their aircraft on display....:ok: I believe that it has to do with labouour laws.

Pilots though will also need to be careful as they will liable for tax:mad:

Pilot125 28th Mar 2010 10:47

would rather pay tax in Europe then living in the sand and have to put up with their way of life ...

Brian Cohen 7th May 2011 10:39

They are keeping the commuting option the moment they will have problem recruiting new pilots!

loc22550 7th May 2011 15:03

Me too pilot125..:ok:
i guess paying Tax is the price to pay to have a certain "quality" of life.

B737NG 7th May 2011 18:39

Day´s off
Who gives you 12 days off in a row and pay you that amount of money??

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