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Gunman returns 5th Jan 2005 12:53

Channex Hours
How many flying hours per year do the Channex B737 drivers at Stn work? What is the anticipated flying hours pa for Jet2 at Manchester?. I have been offered a position on the 73 with them and would appreciate this info.



RoyHudd 5th Jan 2005 22:21

Why did you not ask the people who interviewed you? Strange for you to be posting your question on this site.

matzpenetration 6th Jan 2005 00:26

Well done Royhudd!

Someone asks a genuine question and irrespective of whether we think it's an intelligent posting or not, all you can do is make a sarcastic response. When I read some of the replies on this site to quite genuine questions I sometimes feel ashamed to be a professional pilot.

In answer to your question TFG, believe Jet2 drivers fly about 60-70 hours per month average (as per most low cost airlines). Channex pilots do less hours but I don't have a figure.

witchdoctor 6th Jan 2005 09:19

Last time I heard any figures for Channex crews it was about 350hrs a year, but admittedlty that was before Jet2 was up and running.

Spoke to a Jet2 guy the other week based LBA and he said they were doing about 800hrs a year, but he was on a 'secondment' to a Channex mail flight at the time.

Suspect the current picture averages out somewhere in between, as crews appear to swap between the two operations on a regular basis. As an aside, haven't met an unhappy Channex guy yet - now there's a rare novelty in today's market.

airborne_artist 6th Jan 2005 09:55

Why did you not ask the people who interviewed you? Strange for you to be posting your question on this site.
Perhaps he did, and now he's checking on the info they gave him, just to ensure that they were not bullsh1tting him?

Pprune is meant to be a co-operative environment and the real Roy Hudd was a truly nice man who would have helped out anyone.

Hoof Hearted 6th Jan 2005 13:00

Most probably the reason you haven't heard about an unhappy Channex pilot is that the majority of them are too scared to voice a true opinion. This mainly due to the autocratic regime that runs the outfit.

Harrier46 6th Jan 2005 13:51

Hoof Hearted

Bang on, and probably why the question needs to be asked. I would certainly want to check up on any answers given by the interviewer.

Nigel Croker 7th Jan 2005 10:27

Have any of the self sponsored guys finnished , or even started line training yet? I too have been offered a position, but i am slightly dubious as the "training contract" is written entirely in their favor should anything go wrong.

Answers on the back of a postal order for 23,000 please!

Hoof Hearted 7th Jan 2005 15:19


Don't touch Channex/Jet2 with a bargepole

Jet2 7th Jan 2005 16:03

Nigel ... check your PM's.


4Screwaircrew 9th Jan 2005 13:51

A number of self sponsored guys are now cleared to the line.

As a Stansted based Captain I flew the following hours,

2001: 257
2002: 383
2003: 620
2004: 598

I operate from all the bases Jet2 services, Royal Mail and Channex charters.

Hope that the information is useful send PM if I can answer other questions for you.

RoyHudd 9th Jan 2005 22:43

Oh Dear
Bit sensitive, aren't we chaps. I had no intention of sounding sarcastic, and consider flying hours/year to be a standard question to ask at interviews. (If the info is not already volunteered). I suppose validating on pprune is not a bad idea, though I don't consider Channex an untrustworthy lot. Used to fly for them, and enjoyed the people and the work, except for night trips to the Channel Islands.

Anyway, apologies for any offence unwittingly caused.

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