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Training Bond - Enforceable during COVID19?

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Training Bond - Enforceable during COVID19?

Old 24th Jun 2020, 17:17
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Training Bond - Enforceable during COVID19?

I'm making this post in hope of some more experienced individuals to see what they think of a training bond that hasn't been fufilled fully, and now due to COVID19 many of the employees are laid off.

To keep things simple, we are in Europe and the bond is a three-year term, where the company bears the cost of training you to be an Instructor with an IRI and hour building, amounting to in excess of 30,000 Euros.
Now we haven't received any hour building, or training except a basic FI course. What route do you believe is the safest bet to go down?
I doubt the company will follow through with the remainder of the training, and yet we are still on lay off with reduced salary.
However, if I were to leave the company, how am I to pay this ridiculous amount when the company hasn't fufilled its end?

What do you guys think? Any advice is appreciated.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 18:17
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Kinda depends what it says in the contract you signed.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 21:40
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Probably worth all chipping in for some proper legal advise. The advise youíll get on here is worth precisely what youíll pay for it.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 21:46
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It will be clearly stated in the training bond which you signed. You did read it before you signed it right?
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 21:51
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That's not the situation when you should be seeking advice on forums. Get a seriously good lawyer to read through the contract. I have seen all sorts of training contracts - and some of them do not absolve you of the bond even if it turns out that the company doesn't need you any longer. Of course, in that case something including force majeure could save your day, but that depends a lot on the exact content of the contract and on the national legislation of wherever it was signed.

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Old 24th Jun 2020, 22:52
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Iíd say itís even more important to read the law than the contract as many of the bond agreements have actually been at least partially unlawful (for example country not permitting a bond which lasts more than a certain period of time). If youíre a member of a pilot union, Iíd talk to them, otherwise get a lawyer
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 23:30
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Key point here,
"yet we are still on lay off with reduced salary"

You are receiving a reduced salary, this sound more like furloughed not laid off. If they are still paying your salary (even if it is reduced) you are still in-effect employed by the company and not laid off.

Afraid to say at the moment there is no case here, sounds like you haven't actually been laid off yet; it is entirely possible (possibly unlikely) if they bring you off furlough you may still receive the additional training.

Or have I misunderstood your post?
When they actually lay you off and are sending request to you for the value of the bond that is the time to seek legal advice. Sirjus is correct bonds in the EU have to deemed fair and reasonable; the reason why many airlines switched to loan arrangements for type ratings was to avoid the grey area of the legality of bonds.

At the moment it doesn't sound like they are demanding the money, if you are still getting paid by the company then you need to wait until you know the outcome of your furlough. If you are still getting a reduced salary, I would suggest you are in a far better situation than many and your best bet is to stay put until you actually get notice of termination of employment.
Just where do you propose to go right now any way. There aren't an abundance of jobs to jump to, so on furlough with a reduced salary isn't the worst place to be right now.

Wait until you are actually laid off and see what terms are actually proposed. It is quite possible if they do finally lay you off ,the bond may not actually be enforced or most reasonable companies would only hold you to the value of training received to date.

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Old 25th Jun 2020, 11:35
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Originally Posted by Cloudflyer1 View Post
I doubt the company will follow through with the remainder of the training, and yet we are still on lay off with reduced salary.
However, if I were to leave the company, how am I to pay this ridiculous amount when the company hasn't fufilled its end?

I seems to me that the company is breaching the contract. Therefore they will bear the burden of the training costs, and the training bond is nullified. But you have to read through your contract; the devil is in the details.
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