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LCC vs Legacy vs Charter lifestyle

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LCC vs Legacy vs Charter lifestyle

Old 7th Feb 2019, 17:14
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LCC vs Legacy vs Charter lifestyle

Would going to someone like Easy for a shorter command and stay for 20+ years, going part time at some point, be feasible or is BA SH or LH/ charter airlines like TUI the only way to sustain a life? With the pay being high relatively "quick" with a command at Easy surely going part time would lead to a more bearable LCC lifestyle that you could sustain for longer?
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 17:48
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Depends on what you want...I'm at EZY and happy with my lot. Are there things I'd change? of course. But I'm home every night, command comes quickly, secure job, convenient base and when 4/4 comes out that will certainly make it very sustainable for a long career. Use the quick command to put in some decent pension contributions and then go 50% after a few years is another option. Some hate the grind of SH but it suits what I want. Horses for courses.
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Old 8th Feb 2019, 07:57
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Iím EZY full time and did less than 700 hours last 12 months and I ask for 2 sector days which I get so far 95% of the time. Strangely I was expecting always the long flights but Iíve hardly gone to Cyprus during last summer. I donít think there is much difference in work load between short haul. All I know is I get 4 days off together in blocks several times a month and 3 days off together as a minimum once in a fixed pattern, mate of mine on the 320 at BA rarely gets 3 days off together.

The job is as secure as it gets, command is quick enough if you meet the standard, can live most places so money goes further for property if you stay away from London. Salary especially for Captain is competitive and lots of bonuses and a brilliant share scheme.

The roster bidding has worked well for me, donít feel I have the need to go part time but there many options and even talk that 4/4 is on the way. Not really working very hard at all during this winter.

I wouldnít leave for any other short haul job. Regional base, different airline compared to LGW as LGW is generally international rescue.

Is it perfect? No, is BA perfect though? No. I think family life, EZY is hard to beat in this industry in my opinion.
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Old 9th Feb 2019, 06:03
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Could not agree more, being home every night is what Im aiming for myself.

I currently fly in the US but have an EJ interview, fingers crossed as it sounds like the job is just up my alley. Never had a desire to be a LH 777 FO/Capt.
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Old 9th Feb 2019, 07:50
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Itís like everything in life, somebody loves one thing the other one hates it. Most of my friends whoíve been flying Euro LCCs for a long time do not enjoy the job much but it works well for family, looking after the kids etc..
Depends on what floats your boat, spending 30 years doing the same 4 legs is not for everybody, but it certainly is your only option if you want to stay in Europe making decent money and sleeping at home most days. If not, the opportunities outside of Europe are endless at the moment. Good luck
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Old 9th Feb 2019, 08:40
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Few mates of mine long haul say once you been to NY etc for the 30th time it loses its appeal also.

End of the day itís a job and at some point you start to lose interest, be it flying to Malaga or you dread having to go to LA again and again when you could be getting on with stuff at home.

Its completely dependent upon the individual as what suits them best and only they can decide. What is one person heaven can be someone elseís hell.
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Old 11th Feb 2019, 06:21
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I think that is a fair comment. After 20 odd years it is hard to keep the enthusiasm going whether it is a double Paris or a doing a Canarsie. However, I think getting to reach 20 years would be harder in a low-co than a company with more opportunities lh /sh, night stops/daytrips or just even getting to get off and explore places . The great thing about living in the UK/West is thatís itís a free country. Good luck in your choice . Remember it is only a way to earn money to pay for your lifestyle.
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Old 11th Feb 2019, 07:29
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Originally Posted by hunterboy View Post
Remember it is only a way to earn money to pay for your lifestyle.
Sure. I hear this all the time and I thought it myself. The hard truth is you spend A LOT of time at work, and if youíre young enough good luck doing it for another 30 years if you spend day 1 waiting for the last day of the block (as to be honest many of the people I know do).
Yes it pays the bills and more than the bills, but not sure Iíd advise it.
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