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Cirencester Friendly Income Protection Scheme! "BEWARE"!

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Cirencester Friendly Income Protection Scheme! "BEWARE"!

Old 17th Nov 2017, 18:25
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Cirencester Friendly Income Protection Scheme! "BEWARE"!

Long Term Sick...(Never expected that)
No Medical....
No Sick Pay...

Not to worry......my "CIRENCESTER FRIENDLY" Income Protection will ease the pain of no salary......because.."Of Course".. that's why it was taken out....on the very unfortunate chance that I could be off work for 6mths or more pending medical re-instatement.

10wks since application started....still thinking......Nahhh, I won't need this....
Numerous medical certificates......Reports, AME letters, CAA letters to state my medical suspension...

You get nothing!

**** All.

A Warning to ANY crew out there that has a policy with them.......
Mine was 90mth for about the last 8/9yrs...(Approx 10,000)
Would av been better off putting it under the mattress

FA got their commission.
Cirencester friendly got 8/9yrs of premiums.

But when you need them most, with no salary....NOTHING.
Total waste of a 10,000 insurance policy.

Needless to say.....They're in the BIN & I'm in the

Thanks Cirencester Friendly......you've been more than amazing.
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 07:50
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Why was your claim rejected?
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 08:37
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They have a complaints procedure page on their website giving the contact details of their Compliance Officer. Bang in a complaint and if the outcome is unsatisfactory go to
Like macdo, I would be interested to hear why your claim has been rejected. If you were never going to be eligible for benefit under the policy for some reason, then it may well be a misselling situation.
If the policy is void then you may get a return of premium plus interest.
Good luck.
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 08:39
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Did the CAA commit to you permanently losing your Class 1 as I would imagine this is the definition of the payout criteria.
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 09:12
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This, if correct, is utterly dreadful.

The behaviour of the company, if true, is dreadful. The treatment of someone in need of assistance is dreadful.

I am aware how unhelpful 'certain' people can be in respect of pilots losing their medicals.

I am aware of an AME, this year, who pulled a pilots medical, and then refused to have any dialogue with the pilots LoL insurer. This chap could have been in the same position as the OP.

The only advice I can offer - which might not help now - for future reference, is how good Hiscox Global are. Not cheap, but they do pay out when needed, and appear to be highly professional.

Best wishes, and keep fighting.
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 10:50
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Since a few people might read this, its worth noting that if you have Permanent Disability Insurance as part of your contractual benefits AND pay for additional cover as described above, you may find that when you claim, one insurer will deduct the benefit that you receive from the other insurer, so that the total received does not exceed the maximum insured benefit that you are insured for. The company PDI that I get from my employer has this clause, making any additional PDI policy a complete waste of money. Worth checking the small print.
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 18:13
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You must methodically examine your policy and associated documents;
  • Review the original policy and any renewal amendments. Pay particular attention to disclosure clauses of any pre-existing condition(s) and/or changes that may have affected your policy.
  • Review your original application and renewal applications – ensure items affecting change were never omitted.
If you have been refused any information by any party, including your AME and CAA, submit a Subject Access Request, Section 7, of the Data Protection Act 1998:


After all information is received, carefully scrutinized and compare with items 1 and 2 above, to determine how the insurer reached their decision and if you wish to pursue the matter. Consider that insurers are protected when acting on policy information you provided (or did not) by the Consumer Insurance Disclosure and Representations Act 2012:


You may also find the information at this link helpful:


Additionally, examine all communication and information provided by your Financial Advisor or whoever sold you the PHI policy. It may have been misrepresented to you. Good luck.
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Old 19th Nov 2017, 10:02
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Compliments to D Bondi

I must say I was never impressed with DBs Norwegian posts. But well done sir on your last to help out a fellow pilot in need
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Old 19th Nov 2017, 22:21
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I've heard of another pilot recently been refused a payment. Gonna review my cover
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Old 20th Nov 2017, 09:33
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The majority of my Norwegian posts include supporting links. Some may have found the information useful.

An insurance claimant flying for Norwegian may find themselves in a similar predicament described by this thread.

Those consuming the Kool-Aid of “permanent employment” with a Norwegian airline division should review their financial and/or insurance applications and signed declarations involving Employment.

Item A.6 of the linked Home Owners insurance form asks for Nature of own or Employers Business:


Via OSM or Rishworth your employer is a service provider agency and temporary. Any other declaration is false and upon any claim the insurer is not obliged to pay out – ref Consumer Insurance Disclosure and Representations Act 2012 - link above.
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