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Love to hear from anybody in Volotea about their experience with the company
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For which position?

Depending of what you looking for if you have already experience and if shoch to enter as FO, consider to fly 80hrs average during the summer peak season about 4months and decrease a lot to the rest of the year,
the main problem of the company is the salary very low, for 80hrs expect average 3000 net or bit more then 40hrs you divided by 2,
Many pilots are leaving due to that,
Roster so so, they try to manage to make you by block during the summer and follow 5/4 or 4/3, low season unfortunatly you fly less with poorer Roster.
If you wish to log jet hours can be an option but as long as the base it's not where you come from Volotea for a long period can painful,
Last thing fot being all negative about the company...we have very good atmosphere between colleagues it's one of the point they try to manage in order to make accepting pilots the conditions...
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What can you tell me about the fast track to Captain?
If the pilot have already experience they upgrade the guy or this is just promise?
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Old 21st Apr 2018, 13:06
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Any Volotea captain who could do a summary of the condition as slipper ?

I captain in Uk, but would like to go back to France so I might be interested for Volotea as DEC.

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Old 21st Apr 2018, 22:52
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just write their recruitment team and ask that reasonable question. They will then let you know;

"..I can also tell you that for a CP in France, that flies 90 hours in high season, the approximate monthly salary is 10.000 euros.."

This was the pay conditions disclosed by email in October 2017. This is what the Chief Pilot pulls in during high season, and can assure you, that is ALL INCLUSIVE (per diem, sector pay etc.).

Good luck with it. Again - stepping stone, and get out asap, sure, why not.
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Hi guys, any updates on Volotea ? How is the company doing ? Any increase in T&C ? Environment ?
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Old 13th Feb 2020, 07:31
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Dear All,

As in over the Aegean thread i am looking for the following info, but once again, it looks like it is one of the industry's best kept secrets which can't be extracted from the recruiters...

So, t&c-s: salary/taxation, roster/vacation/crew travel mostly.

Thanks a million!
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Thanks for the info. However I am looking for Cpt t&c-s, etc.
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What are the news? Have they made any redundancies or trying to sail it out with unpaid or other measures? I believe the first contract they offer is only temporary in any case. My best wishes and good health to all affected.
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How is Volotea going to survive this crisis?
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any updates on Volotea ?

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I was just reading this,

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