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Air Baltic information

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Air Baltic information

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Some information about the interview :


A written personality test that you will receive at the airBaltic Head Office (Tehnikas street 3) reception, it takes about 2 hours, it should be done on ??? and left at the reception. You can come in for the test any time between 9:00-16:00 local time.

Free Wifi there 😊 Question see at next Replay (Fragebogen Teil 1 + 2)


Assessment at airBaltic Training Center (Pilotu street 6)

SIM Briefing – 08:00 - 09.00 AM

SIM assessments – 09.00-11.00 AM

Technical/HR Interviews –11:00 AM - 14:00 PM

Psychological assessments – 11:00 AM - 15:00 PM

During the assessment process the applicant is supported with essential feedback regarding his/her performance and applicant is always welcome to ask questions immediately to assessors.

Please find attached the SIM guide, read it through carefully and study it for the assessment. It is strongly recommended to book a sim session on a B737 simulator before the screening in Riga.

2 Day 08:30 until 15:00 or earlier

25min each candidate as PF and PM (everybody the same program, expect left/right EO and ILS/VOR)

TO RWY18 dep. Askor5E

After flaps up HDG 270

HDG 090L with 45°

Q: Where is the Airport (Riga VOR still tuned, Needle still pointing to the airport)

Climb FL040 ..(1013!)

ATC: “HDG 270L, descent 2500ft” (1005!) crossing Traffic”.. Turbulence in the turn, up to 90°Bank and -30° Pitch> recovery

Intercept RWY ILS18 (first candidate, second candidate VOR 18)

Min. RWY not in sight >Go Around

HDG 180; 1500ft

At 500ft EO (left, other right)

Maintain 1500ft.

Flaps up

> Finish

No checklist; just mention it ..


Technical/HR Interviews (~45min)


Technic: (only 2 ); bold : everybody got the same

What stands for TCAS

Crosswind 7m/s (Limit 10kts) can you land ?

Critical Engine by turboprop



CAT 1/2 min

Riga -10C; cold weather Operation (+10% add to FAF, MIN, miss.apch.ALT

De/anti ice... diff.Type 2 and 4

HR : a lot.. (she is the bad guy)

Where are you in 5 years?

Are you a good leader ?

What you know about airbaltic?

How many different airplane we have ?

Who is the owner ?

Did you Google about airbaltic?

Which salary you aspect?

You are happy with 3500€?


Psychological assessments (~1h)

Background check: Family, previous Company ...

3min: find equal numbers in the row(paperwork)

10min: find the right parts to build the given shape (only rotation); tell

10min: find the missing numbers (some of them has 2 solution),tell

Remember spoken numbers and repeat them backwards 1-2-7-2-8-4-5 > 5-4-8-2-7-2-1 (7max),tell

Remark :

Tickets for free (Airport tax to pay, ~50€)

Taxi 15€ each way, 20-25min downtown, local bus ~3€

Hotel from 35 to 50€ incl. breakfast.

They have in both companybuildings a Restaurant (good ~5€ for the meal)

Shopping for souvenirs (for checkin language) go local supermarket.

>half price compare to the airport)

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Fragebogen -Teil 1

This are the original copy of the papers :

In this competitive world, no recruitment process is complete without the job interview. Therefore we kindly ask you to fill this form to get you know better.

Thank you in advance !

Name, surname:


Birth date:

Why do You want to leave Your present job ?

What do you consider your most significant strengths ? (1. 2. 3. )

What do you consider your most significant weaknesses? (1. 2. 3. )

Name3 your most significant life values. (1. 2. 3. )

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and why?

What has been your biggest failure to date?

What makes you angry/nervous ? (Angry- Nervous- )

Everybody has things that bother them/what bothers you-at work? (1. 2. )

Tell about a situation where you had to solve a difficult problem. What did you do ? What was your thought process? What was the outcome? What do you wish you had done differently?

Are you satisfied with all areas of your life? Which areas are you dissatisfied with?

Have you ever had a boss that you did not like or got along with?

Tell about a problem that you’ve solved in a unique or unusual way. What was the outcome? Where you happy or satisfies with it?

What was the result of Your last medical certificate examination?

Tell about a difficult decision you have made in the last year.

Describe a situation where you have had to work as a part of a team to achieve a result. What was your role in this?

Give an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead.

What exercises You do? Which of them – regularly? How often?

Have You ever been hospitalized? When? What for? How long?

Have you ever attended psychologist, psychiatrist, and speech therapist (excluding medical sertificate examination)? Why? When? Outcome of it?

Any bad habits?

How do you spend leisure time? How do you relax ?

What books do You read? About was the last one?

Finally, please draw spontaneously something what in symbolic way-characterize you as a person!
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Fragebogen -Teil 2

370 questions from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
Notice : Inadmissible questions in the interview :
12. My sex life is satisfactory
34. I have never been in trouble because of my sexual behavior.
88. I believe that women ought to have as much sexual freedom as men.
121. I have never indulged in unusual sex practices.
166. I am worried about sex.
209. I like to talk about sex
222. Children should be taught all the main facts of sex.
268. I wish I were not bothered by thoughts about sex.
287. Many of my dreams are about sex.
or strange ones
72. My soul sometimes leaves my body.

just google for this 370 questions.. they are exact the same
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Online Test -before

Copy of my test :

Mental Ability Scale
Below,you will find 49 exercises and you will have up- to 40 minutes to complete them.You can use a white sheet of paper for your notes and calculations. However,during the test,you may not use external help or tools, such as consulting, calculators,mobile phones,search engines or other.
Please find from among the following five options the word that is closest by, its meaning to theward laconic:
2. What is the next number in the sequence?
3. Which of the following figures corresponds to the layout on the right?

4. Two of the following sayings have a similar meaning. Which ones?
5. Which of the following numbers is the smallest?

11. Two companies employ a total of 90 people. There are 16 more employees in one company thanthe other. How many people work in the smaller company?
44. A bookkeeper entered a total of 150 documents in the database in three days,3/5 of them in the first day and 1/3 on the second day.How many documents did she enter in the database on the thirdday?

just read Hesse/Schrader.. all question,shapes and so one from there.
Attachment : some mistakes .. sorry
Attached Files
File Type: pdf
Tripod-online test.pdf (1.71 MB, 0 views)

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