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Easyjet DEP recruitment

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Easyjet DEP recruitment

Old 1st Dec 2015, 15:19
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Agree with the job security element of said charter airline. Not arguing that. Simply making the point that a company that offers less job security and makes much less profit is hiring and paying pilots properly from day one.
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 18:35
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The SO contract is just a pay grade. They wear the same inform as everyone else and are refferred to as FO's. It only lasts 12 months anyway. When you're on it, you're an employee and more importantly can jump into the command process (which you can't do as a contractor) that is where (in theory) you can progress above the less experienced guys. EasyJet don't value turboprop guys. They never have. Sad but true. If I went to BA tomorrow theyd call me an FO on a 320 despite having 15 years bus P1 time. Not SFO, but FO. It's their train set.
I suggest if you can't take the concept of having a pay grade called SO then easyJet isn't the place for you anyway because there are plenty of more pressing issues to be worrying about on the inside. That's not a dig but if that really bothers you then the rest will ruin your happiness. Besides you could go to Flybe and earn 2/3 of the money trucking around on the q4 career killer as an FO ...but where will that get you ultimately?
Hiring FO' (or SO's) isn't causing any loss of sleep in the hangar. It's captains they are more concerned about although pretend that's in hand. When you all stop applying they'll start taking notice...and so the laws of demand and supply roll on.
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 20:29
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EZY has great people to work with, I totally agree on this point. The point I am making is that we can easily afford not having contractors, but offer permanent positions from the start to everyone who fits in our company with the same T&C. The recruitment should attract the very best candidates from variety of backgrounds rather than just relying one pool of people. With this policy eJ had made a quite good workforce in the past or not?
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 23:37
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Funded type rating?

I can see in Easyjet's jobs page, some captains vacancies. (Funded type rating)
Does this means Easy is funding it or are the candidates funding it?
Thank you.
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 08:02
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If easyJet are short of captains, they should start by not wasting people's time in the recruitment process.

I found the process to be frustrating, in that the communication was utterly abysmal, with the recruitment team losing paperwork at important moments and not keeping written promises about timelines.

Not a good advert for future treatment, my interest stalled early on. In fact, a poor show all round. Investors and management take note: they're getting things very badly wrong indeed.

In my recent experience, Narrow Runway, you could make the same comment for most airlines recruiting at the moment. I have found airline HR departments, in both the UK and abroad, to be pretty dreadful.

It seems to be the way the airline world is going - crying out for applicants and qualified, experienced staff but treating them with disdain and being incredibly inefficient.

I totally agree with you.
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 23:04
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I found the easy way to be anything but. Short notice period for assessment days, completely in ignorance that rosters are published monthly, and more than likely, il'll be at work the days they have assessment. If contact you seem to receive a semi personal " hope this email finds youwell" to then completly revert be a cut n paste response, not being specific to my request.

Like the guys above , ill withdraw my application as emails speak louder than words
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 23:19
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You're right, we should spend 50k on employing some extra HR personnel so we can pander to the sensitivities of potential pilots.
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 23:44
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You will not find me defending easyJet's pilot recruitment team as they have made some shocking errors. However, I have to say that if you do not like the deal on offer then go somewhere else. There is no one with a gun at your head making you join easyJet and if you think you can get a better job somewhere else then good luck to you. Just do not come here and whine that no one told you what deal you were on because it is crystal clear to you when you sign the contract. Sorry to seem so harsh, but you need to hear it like it is, rather than how you wish it was.
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 06:33
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Epsilon Vaz,

They don't need to imply anyone to pander to potential pilots. What they do need to do is to stop saying things that they cannot deliver on. For instance: We will contact you within 7 days with a result of your sim. My result took nearly a month and it was a very successful sim.

Like another poster said, we live in the real world.

No hard feelings to anyone, the cost could be nothing, just don't over promise and under deliver.

easyJet are undoubtedly a good employer, but they tried their level best to hide that at times during the recent captain recruitment drive.

Safe flying.
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 08:06
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Count Of Monte Bisto are you not reading what these people are saying? They didn't say they don't like the deal on offer, they said the recruitment process is shocking. And to be honest if Easyjet want pilots (which they clearly do) then they should treat people a little bit better than the contempt they're showing at present and stick to what they say they'll do. After all these aren't cadets they're dealing with, they're experienced pilots who don't actually need the job, they just want the job, spot the difference.
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 10:04
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This is of course before you mention the numerous guys (40 in fact) in 2013 who went through the F/O DEP Recruitment process in good faith, passed and were given verbal offers of employment, only to then two months later have those offers retracted, be told that there were no more jobs available due to an internal error and then to be dumped into a hold pool there was no indication of ever having existed at any point in the process!

If your application expires after twelve months then you're welcome to reapply! This was after "welcome to easyJet" phone calls. A further two or three months down the line the same people then receive another email saying that easyJet are no longer taking non type rated pilots in 2014 so thanks but no thanks, best of luck for the future!

True story.
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 11:47
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As I have said, the pilot recruitment process at easyJet leaves a great deal to be desired. Plastic787 has correctly alluded to the 40 or so guys in 2013 who were shamefully treated by being offered jobs and then had the job offers rescinded. There should have been serious disciplinary action as it was a great embarrassment to us as a company and great hurt to those involved, but that sadly did not happen. So yes, it may indeed be true that some of you have received e-mails that are incorrect, unhelpful or inaccurate - I am not directly involved in that, so do not know what is true and what is not. All I can say however, is that despite some of the rubbish written on here by people who know virtually nothing about easyJet other than that their aircraft are orange, it is a good place to be. Once you escape the recruitment process, you start to meet real people - i.e. the pilots and cabin crew you will actually work with. They are a great bunch and make it all worthwhile. And there is a route from being the lowest cadet earning a pittance to the most senior Training Captain earning a good salary. The exact salary I earn right now is still available to anyone who joins today. There is no doubt that, like all airlines, there are significant downward pressures on terms and conditions, but right now that is where we are. EasyJet is not a perfect company but it is pretty good. It is up to you if you want to be here - but most people who come here enjoy it.
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Old 5th Dec 2015, 13:20
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And your solution to it is? Do you think there is a thing that pilots can do other than be unionised? And please do not say that pilots should refuse to join and 'that would show them'. The next pilots on the list would just say 'thank you very much' and taken an even worse deal. Unions are what protect easyJet (unlike Ryanair) and that is why we need to remain that way. The mere fact that we have so many pilots turning up at our door looking to join us means that in the supply and demand stakes we are already on a loser. Way more people want to work for us than we have jobs to give out. The sad truth is that if the price of a type rating doubled today there would still be countless young people turning up with their parents' money to join us. That is what drives down terms and conditions - simple economics.

Just out of interest, we have just had our annual pay offer for the UK contract - 2% (way above inflation) plus we have also been given 3k worth of shares and a 4.6% one-off payment for our performance bonus (FOs got more for some strange reason). Bearing in mind, all captains in the UK earn more than 100k a year, that seems good news to me. It is hardly a disaster, but listening to some of you on here it clearly would be. As I have said, if you could get a better job then I am sure you would not be wasting your time on here, but given that easyJet is clearly on your radars then it is not all bad - I am certainly managing to cope with the 'disappointments' of my pay this year. It is undoubtedly true that our senior managers and directors will be substantially better off and some will make millions. I am a simple soul, however, and am happy just to take the 'trickle-down' effect. Sure we are making our shareholders (which most pilots are) a pile of money, but we are also doing pretty well ourselves. Go to the public sector in the UK and ask them what sort of pay rise they got. I suspect if you went to any of the majors you would find they did not get that either. So talk of employees subsidising bottom lines is really not accurate. There is a route for every single pilot at easyJet to become a senior Training Captain - and whilst accepting the initial deal is not great, it is pretty good at the top end. There are worse fates to befall you than that.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 15:14
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"Anyone joining will likely have to do 12 months+ flexi, 12 months+ NEC and have to wait two years minimum from joining an EZY contract before they're ellegible for any bonus or performance share award. The likelihood is that a lot of us are getting nothing, despite having worked for several years."

We want the world and we want it now. The fact is you get rewarded for time served. Get over it or move on.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 18:27
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We want the world and we want it now
Sad to see the Stockholm Syndrome taken root so much here that a permanent contract for experienced professionals with "some" element of job security and not paying over the odds for training is now seen by some as wanting "the world".

Greedy us pilots aren't we

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Old 6th Dec 2015, 20:52
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Josua - nothing like that mate. Just putting a realistic slant on things before anyone things for one moment that we're all going to benefit from what COMB mentions. The fact is that many of us aren't, and none who join will receive for many years to come.

We want it all and we want it now? This is after one or more years on zero hour contracts, one year fixed salary working 5-2 with no meaningful leave. A bonus or some shares would be lovely.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 21:57
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I don't mean to be rude but as the count says there are a stream of low hour wannabes who are willing to accept a job at the expense of initial contractual terms. What is changing is the length of time people are staying on these initial contracts.

Those of us who have been with the company for years are (on uk contract) remunerated well. We deserve to be having operated through the growing pains of the company. Carmen,Cor,EMA,MAD to mention a few.

The industry has changed over the last 10 years or so and that change has been driven by the willingness of the new joiner to accept terms and conditions that previous joiners luckily did not have to contemplate.

There also seems to be a never ending source of people who are willing to join. Wish you well
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 22:45
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If there are flexis doing more than a year they should be contacting the Company Council because that was the agreement. If the SO's are doing 5/2 they should be doing the same because their contract has the same number of days off as the fixed pattern roster 🙄
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Old 7th Dec 2015, 14:35
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Hearty Meatballs - regarding working into days off, many people have never done it. I am in my 12th year at easyJet and have done it twice - both of which were in the same month last summer. Under the new agreement, no pilot will work into his day off unless the problem arises on the last sector down route and he wants to get home. Ultimately the Company have done their calculations and think they can cope with the fall-out of this choice. To me it seems shortsighted but we will soon find out next summer if they have made the right call. In the meantime, it really is a non-issue for the vast majority of people in terms of any real effect on their pay - it just means they will not work into their day off as a favour to the Company. Despite any protestations to the contrary there is a clear route from the lowest FO to the the most senior Training Captain at easyJet, and as I have said many times to all those out there who are looking at joining us - check your contract and if you do not like it I hope you manage a better job somewhere else.
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Old 7th Dec 2015, 19:14
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Read again NLP and ezy320 post, they underline very well the issue for FOs on UK NEC contract, very poor, for cadets or DEFOs.
Instead of finding understanding and support from their fellow Captains, they found blame and humiliation.

The entire problem come from one and only thing: SELFISH.
I have a good contract, who cares about the other.

I never heard skippers from other airlines promoting that much their pay and benefits. By now, the entire world must know that an ezy cpt is on 100k salary..
Maybe to hide those poor FOs contracts or maybe to seek reassurance that it is the best deal in town?? After all, hundred of first officers, even those close to command are leaving for British Airways. Might be a reason...

Closing our eyes or suffocating the voice of our first officers such as NLP or ezy320 will only deteriorate the situation.
Senior captains are the mentors that should be protecting the profession, not the cadet...

Just out of interest, we have just had our annual pay offer for the UK contract - 2% (way above inflation) plus we have also been given 3k worth of shares and a 4.6% one-off payment for our performance bonus (FOs got more for some strange reason).
self explanatory.
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