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American Eagle Management wants NO sick calls

Fellow Eagle Pilots:

It has come to our attention that the company is refusing to allow crew members who call in sick to use their travel privileges to get home. Previously, the company evaluated the individual circumstances when deciding whether to authorize travel. The policy has now shifted to forcing a commuting crew member to pay for a hotel in domicile until they feel better. The financial burden is significant, especially for our First Officers.

Safety is our number one priority at ALPA and we strongly believe that you have an obligation NOT to fly when you are sick or fatigued. Do not allow the threat of having to remain at your domicile cause you to risk flying while impaired. It isn't worth it.

We are looking into options to help those who need a place to stay after calling in sick or fatigued. If you are forced to stay in domicile after calling in sick, please call your local rep.
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Old 22nd Dec 2013, 17:27   #2 (permalink)
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Title is wrong
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Maybe the "smart" Yanks have to learn something from the "dumb" Africans

"SICK" can have different meanings, some with some real bad repercussions.

Good luck dealing with the ruthless money grabbing bean counters that force otherwise professional managers to behave as badly as they do


Did some research on this possible suicide and found this on Facebook. It is written in Portugese and translated by Google.

It seems the captain on this flight went to his manager two days before the fatal flight and asked to be replaced because he was not fit to fly. He had problems in the relationshipo with his wife. LAM refused to substitute the captain. His wife left him 15 days before the crash. The reason for not substitute is unclear because of not very good translation of Portugese language. Maybe someone can translate.

Mozambique, not so long ago.

Contrary to what some HR sitting in an office are capable of imagining (not very much ) "unfit to fly" can mean various things. Attempting to "punish" the only person who can decide whether an individual may not be fit to fly is CRIMINAL , and should be persued as such by ALPA.
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AE pilots are going to vote NO on concessions.
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A strict 'work to rule' campaign seems to be the best antidote for such stupid short-sightedness. Which, as has been pointed out, has major safety implications.
Every time you blow a light bulb, immediately write it up - even if grounding the ship somewhere inconvenient for all is the result.
Taxy at the recommended walking pace that was instilled in your student pilot days - even if it trips you just over the duty limit and you can't fly the next shift. You may suffer some personal inconvenience as a result, but consider such action for the greater good.
Work-to-rule is about the only weapon left in a pilot's arsenal that has the protection of law behind it.

Managements often forget that daily we go the extra mile to get the job done, so a reminder may concentrate their minds towards where money is really lost - or made.
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Old 23rd Dec 2013, 16:42   #6 (permalink)
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Many many years ago a airline called Britannia had such a work to rule. Come Xmas Eve the weather was rubbish and their aircraft scattered around Europe.
Funnily enough no crew problems any plenty of discretion that night.

If guys are sick they should not travel end of. Worst case if you want to play a game - call in sick down route
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Think the thing to emphasise here is the difference between being "unfit to operate as a crew member" (caused by a number of factors including fatigue) and unfit to travel onboard an aircraft (severe ear pain caused by the common cold/serious inability to control bowel movements etc)

If someone goes sick on their last day of work, it is quite obvious that they will wish to travel home rather than spending several days recuperating alone in a travelodge.

In "civilised" countries, the employer has a duty of care of employees post flight duty. The bean-counters have all but eliminated it, but it still exists in French law for instance, where a road accident due possible fatigue on the way home would be an "accident du travail" (work accident) For this reason a few (very few) good employers (Lufthansa for one I know) offer crew hotels after a long duty period (certainly for Long Haul crew)

Like many other aspects of this job, we have zero respect from fiscally focused little bean counters who sit in an office (during office hours ) & any "respect" we want has to be fought for.
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Old 24th Dec 2013, 00:03   #8 (permalink)
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Absolutely - if you are sick, or even just fatigued, you have a responsibility to stop right there. But what I am saying is that if management then penalise pilots for this, perhaps because the 'law' allows it, then work-to-rule in ALL aspects of the operation is called for.

Unfortunately - as in the case of getting home for Xmas and to hell with duty limits - when work to rule does not suit the individual, he/she will break ranks. Savvy managers know how to exploit this human tendency.
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