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Best Company to work for? (your dream job!)

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Best Company to work for? (your dream job!)

Old 29th Dec 2012, 21:59
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Best company for me would be Lufthansa, could remain at home, choose between several companies at virtually the same package, and the great package in itself is nice. From flying the lowcost style with German Wings and being every night at home, to cargo on MD11s and soon B777Fs, or simply the whole range of passenger aircraft from E190 to A380 or B748. Not gonna happen though, i used my two lifetime chances and failed...
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Old 29th Dec 2012, 22:23
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If there was ever an operator with a crew base at ESSA or ESSB... Normally no more than 2 overnights a week and when required to be away for the night, it would be in a decent hotel and nothing too shabby. The company would have to have a financial good track record with a stable future. Preferably on some government contract to provide stability. The risk of the company going ttsu would have to be non existent within the forseeable future. I would make enough money to pay all my bills and mortgages and also be able to put away a little bit every month. I would work with colleagues who understood what they had and enjoyed what they were doing.

Because the company would be operating on a subsidised routes deemed important for the infrastructure, protected from the filthy fingers of LCC's, it would find the possibility not to schedule down to the limits of Subpart Q. Working hours would be decent and the schedule would allow me to arrive at work being fully rested after a rest period. I wouldn't have to balance loyalty to the company with loyalty to my licensing authority. Feeling hindered to speak out on issues affecting either safety or efficiency would not be heard of in this company. Instead it is encouraged. As workers on the line, we would feel connected to the company through a weekly letter from the top dog. Normally, all that would be in that letter would be about things being buisness as usual or perhaps some insight into new contracts or new routes being launched. New colleagues would always be presented in this letter so if you noticed a new face in the crew room you would at least have a slight idea of who it was.

Pension schemes would be generous, but not overly so. Naturally there would be a loss of license scheme to cover all events. Quite modest requirements really. Stability would be the key factor for me sending in an application...
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 07:24
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1. EK
2. EK
3. EK ...
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 08:03
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Flying a float Beaver somewhere out of Canada and getting paid 100k+ bucks a year
Company called imaginAIRy lines

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Old 30th Dec 2012, 08:57
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Air Southwest, Dash8-300 out of NQY please
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 10:15
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Flying a B-25 vfr across sunny Europe. Bomb bay filled with Spanish hams and the back loaded with barrels of French wine delivering them at picturesque airports. Of course with long layovers to enjoy the goods with the customers.
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 18:38
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Just some slight tweeks to my current situation would result in my perfect job.

We fly a nice mid-sized jet although the owner seems to be at advanced stages on a position for a G650 (his wife let things slip somewhat when she asked us over Christmas dinner- it was nice of them to take us out when we were away from our families - whether we had started reading the manuals for it)

We pick our own hotels and put them on the company card.

We are at home with our kids for most of the time - although my better half would love to see some kind of stable roster.

We fly from a good base - although DFT are a pain in the arse.

We have a cash-only package so a proper corporate package such as I have had before would be nice - especially family BUPA and a good pension.

We generally fly to first-world destinations (I have been to Moscow only once in the last 5 years).

If I were really dreaming, then I suppose doing the above for an F1 team would be pretty cool. But I suspect I would be working much harder and see far fewer races than I do now
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Old 31st Dec 2012, 15:49
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If I were really dreaming, then I suppose doing the above for an F1 team would be pretty cool. But I suspect I would be working much harder and see far fewer races than I do now
Only saw one race in 10 years - but otherwise was a good time!
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Old 31st Dec 2012, 22:09
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Would love to fly a 737 on floats
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Old 1st Jan 2013, 19:27
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I could say that for south América I have a Pretty Good deal, but not knowing hard facts I would have to say MY dream Job would be Air New Zealand By far,
and then Qantas. I Don't really Think it would happen but hey You never know
(Sorry for the spelling its an iPhone)
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Old 1st Jan 2013, 21:12
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NetJets Europe

Been good to me for the last 7.5 years.
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Old 28th Jan 2013, 19:29
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my personal favourite is lufthansa o

my personal favourite is lufthansa ob A380 but since I am a South African, flying for my national carrier is the ultimate honour!(South African Airways)
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Old 28th Jan 2013, 21:52
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I am currently with AA and in spite of all the infighting between pilots and management, I'm in my favorite bid status: 757/767 based in Miami flying only Caribbean, Central and Northern S America. No all nighters/red eyes, no time zone changes, layovers at either pool or beach, easy flying. Longest flight I do = 4hrs (MIA-Quito.) Plenty of up & down flying amongst the islands and MIA, and I get to hand fly some fun visual approaches into the islands. Pretty much as close as I can get to the perfect job. Now if we can get new management and fix the company, it'll be CAVOK!

If I never see another long haul trip I'll be a happy man. I plan on being one of the the top 50 pilots at AA some day flying narrowbody A320/737 domestic or the islands... long haul makes you old really quick!

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Old 29th Jan 2013, 02:18
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It's axiomatic that pay is inversely proportional to fun when it comes to professional flying. Since leaving the military I've done long haul pax, long haul freight and short haul pax in that order. I can't say any of it has been much fun. The only flying I have enjoyed since the RAF is when I've paid to strap an aerobatic aircraft on my back and let rip.

So it would have to be back to ther RAF for me - probably instructing.
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 09:57
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Dream job.....cabin crew on private jet owned jointly by Cilla Black and Naomi Campbell......sorry, sorry that's my nightmare job!
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 10:19
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Dream Job

Brnad new John Deere tractor, high spec cab decent sound system
wee magnet attachment at back and drive around the airport all day long ,
smoke away behind tinted windows , even has two seats if I want company
anyone radios me I am out there somewhere , attending by hare traps ,
cathcing some rays.......yes this job exists.....and the magent picks up loads metal bits all day every day....and a pension tooo
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 20:43
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Maybe I've missed it in someones post, but I like my current employer: KLM.

Plenty of career opportunities:
first SO 744/MD11/A330/777 or FO F100/E190
then FO 737NG or CPT F100/E190
then CPT 737NG or FO 744/MD11/A330/777
then CPT 744/MD11/A330/777

OK working schedule on EUR: 16 on 12 off in 28 day cycle
On ICA: even better, 3/5, 4/4, 5/3, etc

Great pay: EUR FO with 8 years with the company +€100k

Sick leave perfect: no pressure to continue working. At the moment I called in sick yesterday (Flu) and no questions asked. Also no pressure when taking extra fuel for all kinds of reasons - within the boundaries of reason of course.

I feel very fortunate with my job, but than again I don't have much to compare with. I like my life at KLM the way it is. Plenty of time to watch my 3 girls grow up and nice pay to give them a pleasant life.

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Old 7th Aug 2013, 18:13
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DHC6 on floats in the Maldives

Currently Capt. for Maldivian Air Taxi/Trans Maldivian Airways (the latter since the merge)...
Probably the best flying I will ever do despite the hard conditions and the expatriation...
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 08:30
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My dream job was my first job - Euro Direct on the J31 - BRU and back in the morning, Bournemouth beach in the afternoon.

EasyJet in the beginning was great too - visual approaches every day on the '204 then Luton flying club for beers.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 23:30
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What is the best company to work for ? Or what is my dream job?

The best company is the one I will create. That one where I will be the owner .

So, I will decide which aircraft to fly and when or where.
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