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Ryanair new cadet on line, simple Q simple A please ! A Thanks

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Ryanair new cadet on line, simple Q simple A please ! A Thanks

Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:19
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Ryanair new cadet on line, simple Q simple A please ! A Thanks

Hi, have a colleague that looks like she might be fairly soonish unemployed. She is thinking to apply to FR as a Cadet even though rated & experienced on Classic (but not NG ) & pay up just to get a job. I am led to believe they are happy to take the money if someone wants to pay AGAIN for the TR. Don't shoot me down, NOT my idea, all she asked me was " how much averaged over a year is my take home per month".
I said it depended on base, hrs on Type etc etc, any idea what would be realistic at an easily attainable base for someone new to the fold with 1000hrs or more on type (assuming they accepted someone with this experience willing to shell out)
Don't start (or get me started) on your views on this , I conveyed my views, but said I would try & answer her Q anyhow
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:24
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My understanding is she wont get hired, they don't take experienced F/O's as they want a new blank sheet of paper to print Ryanair on and F/O's with experience are to much hard work to convert.
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:36
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Ryanair prefers cadets with 200 hours and plenty of dreams on a B737NG, with many air hostess looking for a husband, a sunny base in Roma or Barcelona.....They don´t want somebody that can detect straight away that Ryanair is Rubbish employer, you know?!!!!

Plus..........your friend is a girl.....Ryanair doesn´t like them on the flightdeck

Hope this helps
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:42
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Bad Career

I,d heard something similar, although Ryanair will take the money for a second type rating and show her the door. Sounds like this person has more money than sense(or someone else's money). Train driving sounds exciting?
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:44
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once 500 hours is hit with the company on the new BRK contract you get €70.5 per scheduled block hour. Before then it's €50.5, I think, it was some time ago and I've forgotten.
Hours per month in winter (for me at least) are anywhere between 30-60 in the summer between 70-100.
This summer I've been taking home (roughly) between £3500 & £5000 each month, last winter (roughly) between £2000 & £3500 although there was one month where I worked very little for a number of reasons and took home about £1200

Income is far from stable, and if you happened to be ill for a while you get sweet FA for your time off.

Is that a simple enough answer for you ?
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 19:59
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How may hours on 737 has she got and how many hours total ?
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 20:06
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Uk base,

44,000 euro gross. Out of that you have to pay for everything for yourself.

In summer biggest paycheque was £4000 net, winter lowest around £1000 net, which was hard to cope with, I worked 2 jobs to cover my winter bills.
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 20:24
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can't comment on wether ryanair have a problem with women, but I can confirm, first hand, not hearsay, (i.e it happened to ME, not my mate down the pubs wife's cousin's hairdresser) that they have a problem with anyone over 35.
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 21:49
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Tell us more 757 driver??
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 06:30
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Thanks for al the info, I fly with her again today, so will pass on the word. Don't know her exact experience but AFAIK it is around 1000 ? or so on type.

Anyhow, tried to convince her there "may" be better options but finally her decision & her dads (probably ) money. . . . who would have kids Eh ?
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 08:12
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Well, I happen to know one young lady in FR who got her command about six months ago.
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 09:02
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Tell your friend to try Flydubai!! At least they won't ask her to pay for another type rating, they will bond her instead. They also seem to be running short of decent people to interview, that might have something to do with CTC but it's worth a shot!!
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 11:48
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Couldn't she try Jet2? I would have thought they'd be a better option than Ryanair
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 13:33
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learn how to cook and clean!

Mate, I admire your Cojones Grandes (at least when you are safely hidden behind your laptop!).
I guarantee you wouldn't talk like that with some of the girls I've had across the flight deck.
Capt Playstation, you have been around the block a bit. Surely the answer is obvious.
That said if anyone is that desperate, the offer of giving FR lots of money without them actually doing very much would probably have them dribbling as they move towards you with their hands open, like zombie tinkers.
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 14:27
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fish Manipulating prima donna alert!

Well come on 16024, you have to admit, this whole thread is absolutely preposterous! What on earth is this world coming to..?!?!

We're not taking about a new handbag here which has to be replaced because it's out of fashion, we're talking about a job, a career! A job isn't a bloody fashion accessory!

Snap out of it captplaystation, truly treat her like an equal and let her do her own digging on the internet...or give her that well meant career advice I was talking about earlier!
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 15:37
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Career and Ryanair in the same sentance?
Lady GaGa's music.
C.I.A. intelligence.
I've had no problems with female aviators sitting on my right hand, or left. Or with me behind taking it all down. But you obviously have, so why not share it...?
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Old 19th Sep 2011, 23:41
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She seemed a little "crestfallen" when I mentioned the figures quoted earlier.
Just being a "gentleman ",& as I am a fairly old lag here, said I would ask.
Reckon she could do better elsewhere, she said the crazy systems she has flown under have not allowed her to log "her" sectors as PICUS, so in spite of 3000tt & 1800! B737Classic, her ATPL is still frozen, as only PF sectors with a trainer counted as PICUS. According to what she told me Fly Dubai need an "unfrozen" ATPL . . . . well, what to say ?
Personally, I have no regrets of spending 6 yrs in RYR, and have tried to balance that experience with the reality of accepting a contract diluted/corrupted by working to give dosh to one of the 3 gobsh1tes on offer nowadays. Tried to give her a balanced view/accurate gen.
The choice , as always , is hers. . and whether RYR want someone with some experience (quite probably not, it seems ) Ta , for the civilised responses
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Old 20th Sep 2011, 01:46
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Perhaps Emirates should be considered as your friend has 1000 hours on the Boeing. Or the cadet program with Cathay. Isn't BA hiring? There are other alternatives to FR
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Old 20th Sep 2011, 08:05
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Isn't BA hiring? There are other alternatives to FR

BA recruits people with a total flight time of minus two hundred hours and not even a PPL.
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