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XL Airways

Old 25th Aug 2007, 11:12
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40 perm cabin crew being laid off
That is you making a rumour! Something is happening but no numbers has been given yet!!
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Old 25th Aug 2007, 21:57
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This came from a base manager, dont shoot the messenger. And just because you dont know doesn't mean its not happening, or are you the oracle?
"Apparently", as i've just been corrected, its 40 at Gatwick, 40 at Manchester aswell as some others at other bases. and isn't just cabin crew. The 40 will be spread across the board (pilots and even management). Listen if you want ignore if you want. No skin off my nose but like i said, dont shot the messenger. All will be revealed in time and you can abuse me then if i'm wrong, as i'm sure you will.
Oh and some of the pilots are being sent to Polski for a year to train on the Bus.

Rumour control signing off.

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Old 27th Aug 2007, 01:09
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78 pilots to go according to union.
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 09:37
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I am not a pilot either, but i do work for XL.
There is a degree of uncertainty at the moment because the company is going through a change, that was bound to happen.
What we need to avoid is the temptation to post any unsubstantiated bits of information that may have come via the usual sources (such as Galley FM or RumourControl), as that does not benefit anybody.
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 11:01
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LIMA OR ALPHA JUNK - '2 A330s from Star Airlines in France who I believe are part of their group. '
This is not correct. The new A330's are coming from Airbus, 2 at the end of 2008 and 2 early 2009. XL France will continue to operate their 2 A330's in the French market.
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 13:32
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Angry XL Sponser Le Mans Racer

What I dislike is that the ChiefOperatingOfficer (publisher of 'fit for future') was spotted racing in the Le Mans 24 hr race sponsored by XL (logos on the car & overalls), something that has personally benefitted 1 person that costs . This was all kept quiet at the time.
Then 2 months later he announces swathing 20% cuts. Sorry, but in my opinion this stinks.
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 17:49
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I dont know too much about the Le Mans race but the sponsorship of West Ham FC is bringing the XL.com brand to a wider public.

The last airline I worked for had a flight to a destination also served by Easy Jet, the tickets were 5 cheaper and the flight departed at about the same time usualy half full when Easy Jet would be overbooked. Why ? it was because of the companys lack of publicity.

Getting the company name on a race car or a football shirt is very cost effective publicity that reaches a large section of the public, it only takes a small number of the people who see the XL logo to book flights to make this form of publicity very cost effective.

So lets look past the standard British envy trait and find out if this support of sports teams is putting bums on airline seats, if it is then it is money well spent.
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Old 29th Aug 2007, 10:53
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I'm totally in agreement re the West Ham sponsorship; good publicity for the spent.
However, apart from once, the company has previously turned down serious motor racing sponsorship . Then a new COO who has been with the company a few months gets a drive paid for at Le Mans? Then no announcement on company website.... Even the Go Carting team gets a mention this month.

I stand by my earlier statement.
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Old 29th Aug 2007, 11:10
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What puts "bums on seats" is timely departures, a cheap meal, and baggage all on the same day and at the right place. All achieved in shiney kit that doesnt break. People want their two week escape in the MED from the realities of working class life to be seamless. We should be able to achieve that and relieve them of their annual savings if we do the above. Not rocket science, not harvard school of fancy logos, or any other fancy "innovations". How they buy tickets and grub may have changed but their expectations havent.basic values using modern technology.

Less constant changing to rectify/mask repetitive misjudgement and one professional leader putting things straight.

Fancy management speak and cuting innovations doesnt cut the mustard when the results are what we have now.

Hopefully the new COO can get a grip and the damage limited for the future, swanning around le mans in XL colours not withstanding
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Old 29th Aug 2007, 14:03
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I have refrained from posting on here for ages due to the amount of un-factual tripe that is written, but Plane Dumb's comments have wound me up...

The new COO as you put it OWNS the Le Mans team, hence why XL branding was on the car FREE OF CHARGE...!

"Get the facts man" as they say!
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Old 29th Aug 2007, 15:15
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Chidken Sangwich has it right, XL on the COO's overall's, now CEO by the way, didnt cost XL a bean.

Oh and while we are at it, the 4 A330's are nothing to do with XL France (fka Star Airlines), they are brand new from two seperate lessors.

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Old 29th Aug 2007, 20:43
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Evening all

I believe Mr Owen is / was a director of sports management company CSS Stellar , hence his involvement in Le Mans, and no doubt many other sporting events. They used to and may still have connections with Sachin Tendulkar and Johnny Herbert.

Maybe some of my more "Petrol Headed " Colleagues maybe more in the know.

Seems fair for him to be at a sporting event to me

May the farce continue to be with you

Daft Wader

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Old 6th Sep 2007, 07:21
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As I suggested in my previous posts,XL have more than a few change-over problems.The latest rumour is of a much reduced flying programme next year and this coming winter.The two 757s are going within the next month and three of the 767s(one -300 and the two -200s) are to follow.It will effectively close Manchester as a 757/767 pilot base.All the 747s are to go soon too.The offer to crew of flying A320s 'somewhere in Europe' has been withdrawn and 'the few' who came from the 737 fleet to the 757/767 are being returned in October(what a money saving exercise that proved to be!)Our Le Mans racing CEO has asked for 20% cuts in all departments and BALPA reps talk of redundances.
I won't go on or I'll have Mr Stoolwater telling me(for the last time) that I'm a moaner and how morale is really high and his command a matter of weeks away.I still wonder that no change has been made to the dead beat senior management.JS must have spheres of gold!
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I just received the joint XL and BALPA statement in the post this morning. I'm 737 fleet, but wondered how secure my position is. Obviously the pilot reduction is coming from the withdrawal of 767/757 and 747, but it does state in the letter that those affected on those fleet types will be asked to state a non-binding preference for type, base or future. What does this mean? Does it imply that if a 75/76 driver who came from the 737 and has more seniority than other current crews on the 737 fleet, then he/she is in and the less senior is out the door? Any informed views would be appreciated.
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Are you asking if say any of the guys who went on the 767 this year if they now are now in a weaker posisition than they were when flying the 737. If so, I can tell you that every one who went on the 767 in december has been told they will be back on the 737 mid october, how ever if there is a need to put them back on the 767, say due to people leaving, the company can do so. as for the senority of these guys, you are where you are on the list I guess, its all about time with the company, But I dont see any reason that the 737 guys need to worry, I belive james and the guys in the office have done a hell of a job to get the numbers down to the level there are at now. lets hope they can get it down to no pilots, I do feel very sorry for the engineers.
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 11:44
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I think that is right Pointy.
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Ok thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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Sorry for being late to the conversation, but let me get this straight. XL will be replacing the 767s and the 743s with A330s in the near term? How soon are the 330s expected on the line?

As for the 743s, I thought they would be perfect for the UK-Florida runs. Where else do they currently fly beyond Sanford and when are they expected to leave the fleet?
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Most of the answers to your questions are found in this thread.

Post #64 By Abra (this page, few posts ahead of your own) has a bit of info in it.

Previous page states the first 2 A330's will arrive at the end of 2008 and the other 2 A330's arrive early 2009

Can't find a straight answer to your question regarding retirement of the 747's. However i have heard they are going to be retired at the end of this year. Standing by to be corrected.

Hopefully this helps.
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Unhappy Hmmm A330

I heard a romour the other day, that only 3 A330 were coming to the uk, and that was 1 new one and 2 from france, the other new one's had been sold on via iceland to Thai Airways. Also I understand that XL germany and France will be all flying to the same SOP's soon and that the french A320 guys were going on to the 737 this winter, if this is true, and we are trying to safe money, I would be very surprised if when the A330 comes if the french and germans did not fly it, as after all we need to safe money and well I could not think of an easier way than use your crew who can already fly it.
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