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What is your take-home pay at the end of the month?

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What is your take-home pay at the end of the month?

Old 10th Oct 2007, 16:04
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British pounds all the way.
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Old 10th Oct 2007, 16:47
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Try one of these sites for payrates of most airlines. Sorry if it was previously posted
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Old 10th Oct 2007, 21:49
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atr capt

Would like to live in Ireland
Anybody got any info about take home (net + per diem) as capt atr in Air contractors and Aer Arann
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Old 11th Oct 2007, 08:32
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Mate, i cant tell you exactly which page its on, but maybe 3-6pages earlier the aer arran and air contractors pay is covered in this thread!
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Old 12th Oct 2007, 05:51
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Capt atr

thanks but it's for FO not CAPT.
hope for an answer
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Old 12th Oct 2007, 12:19
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Aid worker

32 year old, S.E.Asian, S. Asian, E.Asian Development NGO.
35-50 hours/week, no bonus, no benefits (do warm fuzzies count?), 30 days hol
Potential for "some" consultancy work

Take home 18,500 per year (maybe another 3,000 with consultancy).

Still paying off the 5 years university it took to get me here (3 years F/T undergrad, 2 years PT postgrad).....wrong career choice?
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Old 12th Oct 2007, 15:28
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Old 13th Oct 2007, 21:02
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CPL,MEP,MEIR Instructor. Take home 1500pounds/month.Free medical and rating revalidations. Average day 9am-6pm.Mon-Fri.Occasional weekend
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 02:13
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Solomon Airlines

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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 13:34
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It sounds fantastic (apart from the $$), you'll always look back to what your doing now...

Good Luck.
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 16:16
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11 yrs with Alitalia, M80 Cpt, 7000 Euros Net monthly with 20 days off, 8000 Euros with 11 days off + 2 extra monthly salary x year. This includes alowances and is after taxes, social security and pension.

Company provides transportation to and from Rome airport to personal residence within the city.

Standard ID/ZED policy plus unlimited free travel on Alitalia business class (stand by) on showing the Company ID, with no need for ticket.

Loss of licence plus medical (no dental).

One year paid sick leave.

33 days off guaranteed in a 3 months period + 44 days annual paid leave.

Bidding system does not work very well and you have to apply for your holidays well in advance. Uniforms and crew meals are provided.

Will it last ?


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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 04:02
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Gnazio, why do the Unions try to break your company? To me that's a sweet deal no matter how you cut it.
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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 09:05
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there are a number or reasons why the Company has found itself in this difficult financial situation, however you got the point, the Unions are trying to kill the Airline. It is quite hard to understand this if you are not familiar with Italian politics, but I will try to explain the main points:

in the last 50 years, 3 main giant worker unions, comprising workers from all sectors, allied one to the other, have "de facto" ruled the Country together with Confindustria, the Italian Industry lobbing Association, and the political parties. The power of the Unions to move votes from one side to the other is such that it is no surprise that in today Government, the Presidents of the Parliament and Senate, plus a number of Ministries are former Union's leaders.

Today, the main obstacle to the privatisation of Alitalia, is the opposition of the Unions to the separation of the Airline in two entities, Alitalia Fly and Alitalia Service. The first is the appetible one and includes the productive part of the Company, mainly fleet ,operations and commercial. The latter is the legacy of the past, a number of services such as Information technology, ground handling, general services and heavy maintenance, services that Alitalia could buy outside at a fraction of the cost, but that has been forced to keep in house up to know due to the bad practice of politics giving jobs in exchange for votes ( trough the Unions).

Serious investors are only interested in Alitalia Fly, which is predominantly staffed by flight and cabin crews, with their own Professional Associations, and only in very small numbers members of the main national unions. The Government has proposed a very good deal, since Alitalia Service would remain majority owned by a State Company, Fintecna, giving the workers the job protection they are looking for. The Unions are madly opposed to this, since if Alitalia Service, where they have thousands of members, is passed to Fintecna, they will completely loose contro of the Air Transport Industry in Italy.

I hope I have been clear enough,

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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 13:48
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Thanks Gnazio

Crystal clear!
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 17:33
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London Bus driver

North London double decker bus driver, about 1500 net p/m for av. 45 hours p/w. But more often work 55-80 h per/week with OT. this is about 3000 hours/year.
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 19:29
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Corporate jet driver, Saudi Arabia, $10K month, $100/day per diem(average 20 nights on the road/month), hotels, laundry, internet paid, accomodation and car paid, medical and dental paid, no pension but month on month off all paid with round trip tickets home paid. I'm happy.

Last edited by kwachon; 26th Oct 2007 at 20:16.
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Old 31st Oct 2007, 10:05
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south pacific, tax haven , 737 captain 11.000 australian per month plus allowances. tax free. no accomdation provided.
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Old 31st Oct 2007, 12:24
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Gnazio, aint you afraid that you'd lose some of your great benefits if the company is privatized?? I tell you this cos that's what ussually happens after a massive airline privatization. If you compare your t&c to those prevailing in most eu carriers, no private owner would be happy to keep such good conditions... They might try to level you off with the average t&c on the EU or the Italian market...

I'm not quite familiar with the current situation in Italy, but I saw it happen in argentina with Aerolineas Argentinas... The unions have been stragling to keep the company from bankrupcy and had to give up many benefits... Now they've got a good deal but still, it's a constat stragle...

Gnazio, what do you think about that?

I know I went off the thread topic... Sorry about that...
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Old 31st Oct 2007, 15:03
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Monthly salary of 139,634, includes 4,000 in appearance bonuses( even though I have red hair!) but the really unfare thing is I get deducted 65 for meals.

John A
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Old 31st Oct 2007, 15:19
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Monthly salary of 139,634, includes 4,000 in appearance bonuses( even though I have red hair!) but the really unfare thing is I get deducted 65 for meals.

John A
You what?!!!!
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