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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 17th Apr 2007, 21:52
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visualappr and elixir

When did you apply and when did you get the email invite for a selection day?
Just wondering how long the wait will be.
Also what is your experience.
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Old 18th Apr 2007, 23:20
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Hold Pool

Anyone in the hold pool at the moment, or anyone been offered course dates starting soon? Also does anyone know what aircraft types are being offered and is there gonna be any long haul places in the very near future?
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Old 19th Apr 2007, 05:58
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In our latest training mag it was stated that all new starters for the forseeable future would be short haul as it is predicted that all longhaul requirements could be met via internal movement.
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Old 19th Apr 2007, 08:06
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Ooooooooooh, I can feel an 'internal movement' coming on now!

Good luck everyone, a mate of mine recently got 757/767 DEP as a training space became available and he was willing to take the short notice change so there is still a small amount of flexibility there!
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Old 19th Apr 2007, 10:24
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thanks for the info guys, wobble does your mate know if there is gonna be anymore 757/767 courses running and if there are what kind of time scale are they thinking about?
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Old 20th Apr 2007, 19:49
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The problem with the 757/767 fleet is that it has become a very 'senior' fleet due to internal movement ( ) onto the 'mixed' fleet.

If anyone drops out of a conversion course last minute then they might well offer it to a DEP as in the case of my mate. The only fly in the ointment with that is that you will be at the bottom of a long seniority list for a very long time and therefore have little control over your rostering (blindline hell).

As with everything BA seniority is key so don't hold out waiting for that fleet when another is available. You can always transfer later.
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Old 21st Apr 2007, 07:16
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Yes, that is true, but the reason the fleet is so senior is because it has a large amount of very nice destinations and a lifestyle to suit. Senior pilots wish to share in it and have the seniority to do so. A mix of short and "medium" haul is seen by lots of people as being ideal.

Destinations such as Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Edinburgh, coupled with Chicago, JFK, Nassau, Dar es Salaam, Tel Aviv, Moscow..the list goes on.

I know this doesn't really address the issue that one does not have much control over one's roster, but at least you are pretty certain of going to nice places...
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Old 21st Apr 2007, 16:38
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SET 18,

The main point of my post was to point out that trying to swim in the BA pool until your 'preferred' fleet comes along is not really recommended.

By far the better option would be to take the 'bus as a fleet and then wait out your training freeze bouncing around Europe, also with alot of good destinations and excellent crews, before transferring across to your preferred fleet a few years (4) later with your seniority and a little life control.

There have been people who have turned down a course to wait for another fleet and end up at the bottom of the pool again

Hope that cleared it up.


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Old 25th Apr 2007, 10:46
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BA Verbal reasoning test

BA Verbal reasoning test for download at www.pilotpick.com
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Old 4th May 2007, 10:49
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Any more news on the BA recruitment side? Anything new or all the same as writen before...?
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Old 8th May 2007, 08:40
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Anyone else had trouble downloading the verbal reasoning from pilot pick using Torrent? Any where else it can be found e.g. in Adobe format?

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Old 8th May 2007, 12:27
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DEP Selection 2007

For anyone who has attended The Rivers this year, and has been before (2005/6), are there any changes, or is it roughly the same style as before?

Many thanks.
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Old 12th May 2007, 14:33
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For those of you trying to download that verbal reasoning test, I wouldn't sweat too much over it. It's not the one used by BA. In fact it's not even by the same company - BA use SHL while the one from that link is a Watson Glaser test. It's still good practice, but there are better places to prepare.
1. How to pass Civil Service Qualifying Tests book. There's a relevant section in there on critical reasoning.
2. Practical tests for critical verbal reasoning, Peter Rhodes.
3. The Ultimate Psychometric test book, M Byron. Another relevant section.
I would only buy 2. The other two books have the critical reasoning sections which are in the same style as SHL, but the rest is largely irrelevant.
No. 2
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Old 28th May 2007, 09:27
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Hello everyone
I have a sim ride in June on the 747 through the SSP scheme.
Does anyone have any usefull hints or tips to fly the 747 sim.
Any helpful advise would be welcome
Thanks in advance
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Old 28th May 2007, 14:32
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When did you apply?
I submitted my form on May 16th. No news so far.
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Old 28th May 2007, 17:06
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I think you will find he was put forward by his FTO for the SSP scheme (self sponsored pilot).
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Old 31st May 2007, 09:06
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Brilliant feedback so far but as this is the Ts & Cs forum, can anyone field the following please? No material I have found, official or otherwise, is clear on any of the following:

- Is there a charge to attend the SSP selection in the first place?
- Are you likely to be hit with any ATPL technical question in the interview?
- Does the normal payscale apply in the probationary first six months or is it a flat-rate retainer?
- If getting through means being posted LHR/LGW for Xyrs are you due any relocation allowance to up sticks from 00s of miles away and start afresh as you would any other graduate firm?
- Ditto a London allowance? (ditto given as standard by all the usual graduate employers).

...or as I fear do the last two ironically bypass those that have spent half a house just to be eligible to apply to selection?

Thanks very much in advance

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Old 31st May 2007, 10:21
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1) No. BA don't yet consider recruitment as a revenue stream.

2) No. All current reports indicate that it's all questions found elsewhere on this site.

3) Not 6 months. I believe you are on the SSP pay scale for 5 years.

4) No relocation allowance.

5) No London allowance.
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Old 31st May 2007, 19:11
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Hi everyone,

Just a quick one. Any idea how long it takes from submitting the application to getting any kind of response.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


Speedbird 1
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Old 1st Jun 2007, 08:25
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I donít know about others, but I had a positive reply within 24 hours after submitting the application form.
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