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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 30th Mar 2011, 19:09
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One is that the shaky cross is the opposite of a flight director (i.e you pilot it rather than follow it). Bar to the left = stick to the left to get it back in the inner circle and bar going up, stick upwards to get back in the circle
If you've been doing the opposite to that with flight directors you have done very well to achieve 500 hours in order to apply to BA! No doubt you were confused when you wrote that. To confirm, it is the opposite of a flight director i.e. bar left = stick right and so on. No other way is assessed in the BA assessments.
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 20:46
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The summer looks to be very, very busy!)
The summer....blimey, May's CAP is 92 hrs on the bus (was around 80 hrs at the back end of the year)....come on fellas (and fella-esses) get applying!
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 21:27
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Sorry I was confused indeed!

Thank god I didn t choose my family name as my PPRuNe user name!

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Old 31st Mar 2011, 22:01
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I am surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet that BA has again opened up its managed path scheme for ex military pilots without Type Ratings. While this is only good news for some it seems to be the next step in the normallisation of BAs previous recruitment policies, which should be welcomed.

Obviously if ex mil pilots can once again go to BA and Virgin there will be fewer going to airlines lower down the pyramid (If you consider BA and Virgin at the top in terms of Ts&Cs) which will then need to recruit more pilots from elsewhere.
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Old 1st Apr 2011, 10:36
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Considering the recent pay review, would anyone be kind enough to post on here a rough idea of a revised monthly take home for the 400 fleet and some idea of how that increases down the years?

I'm sure it would be really appreciated by a lot of guys, including myself!
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Old 1st Apr 2011, 14:45
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Go back one page, all the info is there.

Take home is such a variable figure I doubt many people know what the average is.
For example my variables include:-
  • Pension (there are a myriad of options)
  • private health care for the family
  • childcare costs (salary sacrifice)
  • HOST costs (the money we spend down route is taken directly from our pay)
  • flying pay / allowances
  • Sports/recreation
Even if I sat and worked it out, my average would be useless for you.
You need to find a clean living BARPer, with no wife/kids to get an idea.

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Old 1st Apr 2011, 18:49
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Has anyone from the second round of recruitment heard anything yet regarding their applications?

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Old 1st Apr 2011, 19:28
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Just remember non technical skills, that is what they are really looking at, it is all raw data navigation etc. The big thing though is you non tech handling, CRM, decision making etc..
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Old 2nd Apr 2011, 01:37
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Thanks for the reply Super Stall.

Is it just my imagination or somewhere on this thread was there a list of 'rough' monthly take home pay for year 1 all the way up?

Might be just my imagination but I'm sure I've seen it somewhere - damned if I can find it but it would sure be useful.

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Old 2nd Apr 2011, 11:36
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Posted on 13th Jan
My year 1 average take home was 3200ish

That's after pension, loss of licence, flying staff recreation club etc.

Also be aware that I was on the Airbus at Gatwick where we were a bit workshy - although not by our own choosing. Between my medical 2009 and 2010 I flew about 350 hours!

I would say that 3400 would be a realistic figure for an FO at LHR in Y1.

Out of interest, Y2 for me was about the same as Y1. But Y3 is so far about 3800 (I've moved to LHR now). There's been plenty of overtime of late. Hourly overtime rate for a Y1 FO is about 40 quid plus allowances (£9 per hour) and FDP (£2.87 from check-in to 'release') - sounds good but beware DEPs Mr Osborne likes his 50%.

IMHO - re the wage its good as long as you don't have a penchant for big watches, fast cars and even faster women. But hey where's the fun in that.....

Again, because I know so called journalists trawl this site. Some numbers for perspective! Please take these with a pinch of salt.

Lets say I worked 250 days last year and did 4 sector days thats 1000 flights.

Now lets say that each flight had 100 people on it, thats 100,000 passengers that I was partially responsible for - I say partially because ultimate responsibility lies legally with my four striped colleague.

My take home pay was (last year) say 3200ish X 12 months = ~ £38000

£38000 / 100,000 lives = I looked after each life for the cost of about 40 pence each.

Guys and gals, get your logbooks out and do some number crunching over a cup of coffee - its quite an eye opener.

Hear endeth the lesson....
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 16:29
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A few questions.....???

Does anyone know roughly how many people are in the hold pool?

Also are there any 767 drivers waiting on a course date? If so any ideas when it is likely to be?

Is the 737 @Lgw now fully crewed or are they still interviewing for this type?

Have they reached the numbers they were originally looking for?

What if you are in the hold pool and your current type now has the required numbers, will they put you on another type?

Is there many more people yet to have interviews/sim?
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 16:56
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Hi Jordiejet:

I'm typed on the B767 and in the hold pool as of the last couple of weeks.

A few colleagues that did the sim in Jan are starting on B767 courses in May, however I believe that people who have passed in the last month or so have been told to expect course dates in September.....

However, the big question is which fleet???

I did hear that the B767 is full (pure rumour). Therefore, since they are recruiting non rated military guys, they will obviously be conducting full type rating courses, so one might suppose that non rated experienced DEP's might be used for the 744, and less experienced for the Airbus.

FYI - I know of guys still interviewing this month.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 19:57
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I'm 767, and been in the pool around 7 weeks. Not expecting a course until late August, September time. Last 767 course that was given out was early August, so they are still taking onto that fleet.

Did hear a rumour (pretty sure it's true) today, that some have been given start dates for the 747 in the summer, and they weren't type rated on the 747 previously.

I also know friends on the 320, that are being given August courses.
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 11:24
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Sorry to be pedantic guys, but.......

What I was actually trying to find (and still haven't managed to) was a list that someone posted on here which contained an example monthly take home from year one, ALL THE WAY up to year 22?

It was a really helpful post and I remember other PPRuNers at the time confirmed the rough accuracy of the numbers.

I've trawler through this website with no luck, but admittedly I'm not the brightest! Can anyone shed any light?

I'm sure it would be extremely useful to many on here.
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 17:37
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bigdunc: voila...


And while I'm here, if anyone there is any bumph re: Day 1 doing the rounds please do get in touch: spacedinvader at gmail dot com

I know this thread contains lots of info, but it all helps. Thanks!
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 01:55
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Has anyone from the second round of recruitment heard anything yet regarding their applications?
Yes, with interview dates that I don't know if I can make yet!!!
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 06:24
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I just got the email yesterday from the second round of recruitment
calling for interview May 10-12. Booked the 10th morning interview, but
then again I already have an offer for Command elsewhere. If command is really going
to be more than 10 years away on the A320, i probably will not accept if chosen. Ahh who knows!
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 13:03
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just looked at the BA scales which permafrost posted. I think these are a little low.

I'm on the 320.

First month i received - £2700 but that didn't include any allowances.

On average from there on in, it has been circa £3700 including payments for pension etc

The work is pretty mixed, so you can pretty much bank on 1k after tax in allowances / flying pay each month. There is also quite a lot of scope for extra cash, by doing overtime. Some months its been well over 4k.

hope that helps
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 17:59
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ChocksAwayUK, thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for! Glad I wasn't just imagining it

tfly737, really useful and valuable information, fantastic!

One further question guys if I may;

Given an "average" amount of down route expenses, i.e. not going crazy but at the same time living just a little bit bolder than CNN and a pot noodle , are those rough take home figures of circa £3,700 AFTER the previous month's spending has been taken out or BEFORE?

Thanks guys, all gratefully received and greatly appreciated.
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 18:21
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PPRuNe Person
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Can't answer that q directly - but you can obviously choose to spend as much or as little as you like downroute! (Don't know about the previous poster). If you wish you can use the 'Host' system - all the hotels on the network have this facility. You can take out cash which then gets deducted on your payslip. The system emails you automatically so you can keep track. You can also pay back currency.

(A very few people don't like this system and use methods like a FairFX card. I go to the USA a lot and have a bank account with debit card there.)
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