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maxfly1 20th May 2021 12:47

Class II navigation
Hello guys,

We had an argument in flight about plotting requirements. We have to plot (our company requires) if we're not within 725 miles from Nav-aid. My understanding is that Nav-aid can be anywhere around the aircraft outside 725 mi radius. Some one was saying it has to be along the route of flight, in front or behind the aircraft on the line of our course..
Also any one knows the history behind plotting?


oggers 20th May 2021 14:38

Have a read of this, it may answer your questions......


Spooky 2 20th May 2021 17:36

Plotting ones position is a back up that started with celestial and moved on to where it is today. Often maligned but seldom if ever, the casue of a GNE.

maxfly1 26th May 2021 00:07

Thanks guys

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