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boxhauler767 21st Apr 2021 18:30

best Airbus 320 study-app ?

Can someone point me towards the best Airbus 320 study app that is not specifically geared towards a certain airline or certain SOPs. I assume the high oil temperature light comes on for the same reason across all companies. So looking for something like that.

Thank you

Jwscud 21st Apr 2021 19:13

I would recommend use before flight for sim preparation and looking at ECAMs.

Also ipad ECAM, but some Easyjet bias in some areas and system presentations.

Nothing beats the FCOM for brute understanding unless your airline has filleted it.

sonicbum 21st Apr 2021 20:57

The FCOM and FCTM, best apps you will find.

boxhauler767 22nd Apr 2021 02:43

thanks guys

BoeingDriver99 2nd Jun 2021 02:17

Hi does anyone know if Use Before Flight is being updated/maintained? The app store says last update 2 years ago and the website also. I also tried to login and it failed? Has it been abandoned?


Also sonicbum - thanks for the laugh :ok:

TheEdge 2nd Jun 2021 07:17

Vprep on website they do an amazing work

compressor stall 2nd Jun 2021 22:19

I've seen one of their videos. Good but not amazing. Some inaccuracies.

if you are using any third party information always cross reference it back to the FCOM / FCTM.

sonicbum 3rd Jun 2021 10:27

That's the best advice ever.

If I may add for the OP : always use manufacturer's and/or your company approved material and this will be more than enough to have an extensive knowledge of the aircraft. If You think on the amount of official Airbus data You can access through the web, mostly for free, there is for sure no need to invest in any sort of unofficial apps. I can add to that only one exception : you might find some very interesting booklets on the external walkaround that are based on data collected from maintenance documentation. That could be a nice to know with highly detailed colour pictures to extend Your knowledge and have a better understanding of what You're actually looking at during the exterior walkaround.

pineteam 3rd Jun 2021 12:08

Airbus Safety First Magazines and Airbus WIN. My favorite after the obvious FCOM/FCTM.

dive and drive 14th Jun 2021 04:07

The FCOM alone can be quite dry when studying aircraft systems for a new type rating.

I used Aerosim ETHOS together with the FCOM and FCTM during my A320 ground school and I would use it again.

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