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Dadanawa 20th Jan 2021 08:22

Putting split-screen to good use with JeppView
Just wondering if you use split-screen with JeppView on your iPad EFB.
If so, can you let me know which applications you share the screen with? e.g. Calculator, Logbook, Spreadsheet, Aeroweather, OPT, etc.


Broomstick Flier 20th Jan 2021 13:15

What is the application on the right side?

Check Airman 20th Jan 2021 14:17

Its never occurred to me to try. I suspect Id find it to be too small to be usable though. Now if wed get the 13 inch iPads, thatd be a different matter entirely :)

Dadanawa 20th Jan 2021 16:50

It did not occur to me either until a short time ago, but it seems very useful. Some Apps don't work with split screen though.
I've tried having the QRH on split screen, worked out fine.

Dadanawa 20th Jan 2021 16:57

It's actually just a spreadsheet that I use for those Non-Precision approaches where there is no height vs distance table.
The 'Airports' App has a similar approach calculator in the tools section.

Pugilistic Animus 21st Jan 2021 21:30

Where does one put the EFB? On the yoke for a Boeing. I have no idea on the Airbus?

extreme P 21st Jan 2021 21:47

Use a suction cup mount and stick it to the window.

Check Airman 22nd Jan 2021 07:07

A Boeing yoke is big enough to fit a full sized ipad?

Capn Bloggs 22nd Jan 2021 10:02

Where does one put the EFB? On the yoke for a Boeing.
I very much doubt that would be approved.

Pugilistic Animus 22nd Jan 2021 11:02

I don't know what a full sized iPad even looks like!
I do PC and Android I have several CR3s and a few E6Bs, because I'm an unashamed Neo-Luddite :}
Thanks guys!

Uplinker 22nd Jan 2021 12:20

This is how a previous company did it in an Airbus. The EFB, (not an iPad), slid back on those rails to clear the window opening lever, but I personally think it was a very poor fitment.


Pugilistic Animus 22nd Jan 2021 12:34

Uplinker, I still see a paper Jepp plate below the EFB!

Uplinker 22nd Jan 2021 13:00

Yes, this was a company home-brewed EFB, and it was awful ! We originally had to keep paper plates, hence the clip on the EFB !

Denti 22nd Jan 2021 13:56

In a previous company on 737, A320 and A330 the iPad EFB was held in a suction mount on the side window. Destroyed the window shades quite fast if pilots were not careful. Seen several other installation, including aircraft fixed mounting systems (require certification unlike the suction mounts as those are a change to the aircraft) including power delivery, usually on the lower part of the side window, in no case installed that they would interfere with the opening lever at all. Best one was easily rotatable from landscape into portrait mode which is quite nice for displaying approach charts.

Sadly, not all apps do allow split screen use, could be especially useful to have the charging app on one side and the OFP on the other in cruise, or charts on one and performance calculation on the other.

CaptainMongo 23rd Jan 2021 14:27

Unlinker, that is just a mess of a setup.

Dadanawa, a few of our authorized apps have split screen functionality. I have tried it but find I am magnifying and scrolling to much. I use the “four finger swipe” or swipe up with company apps fixed to the Dock to quickly cycle between apps.

Dadanawa 23rd Jan 2021 15:51

Thanks Mongo, I never tried that. It's good to share ideas on this forum that may benefit us all. The application on the right is Web Manuals.


split system breaker 24th Jan 2021 12:16

1024 pages in a QRH!

I thought ours was massively over the top, and it’s only half as many.

Uplinker 24th Jan 2021 13:37


We had suction mounts on A320. They could allow the EFB to fall off the window, as happened to me - and it fell directly onto the A/P disconnect button on my side-stick. Peaceful cruise one minute; sudden cavalry charge and A/P disconnect the next !

BoeingDriver99 10th Jul 2021 02:41

What version of FD Pro allows split screen view? I cant seem to get it to split!

Dadanawa 12th Aug 2021 04:13

I'm using Pro X ver 4.3.3. Jeppesen supports split screen, but some other apps don't. In that case, split screen would not be available with Jeppesen.

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