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AirbusBoeing1974 22nd May 2020 09:02

737NG - Go Around bugged MAGENTA speed?
Brand new to type..... Sorry
After electing to go around, pressing TOGA, and calling for flaps 15, I am slightly unclear how / what the FMC is subsequently displaying as the magenta speed. It (obviously!) is always be a higher speed than the manoeuvring speed for flaps 5 and flap 1. I never approach that speed until clean and “bugging up.”

But what is it in the initial flap 15, 15 degrees stable climb??? Hope that makes sense!

FlyingStone 22nd May 2020 16:54

Target speed in TO/GA mode is flap manuevering speed for next flap setting at MTOW, e.g. with flaps 15, it will give you flaps 5 manuevering speed at MTOW.

Too Few Stripes 22nd May 2020 20:54

Almost, bugged speed is commanded to the MTOM manoeuvring speed for the selected flap e.g. you select TOGA and F15, the magenta bug moves to the F15 manoeuvring speed (at MTOM).

It’s worth noting this speed may not be what you expect, the MTOM used to calculate this speed is set in the FMC by the operator and may not be the same as the MTOM used on the line (many airlines artificially reduce the MTOM to avoid Nav charges for heavier aircraft but the FMC MAY have the structural limit MTOM).


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