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Piloto Maluco 9th Aug 2018 21:15

Flying with copy instead of original ?
Hi there;

Someone has already flown with the license's copy instead of the original ?
In case of theft.. you're obliged to be off duty or you can fly with the copy (if you have one)


Intruder 9th Aug 2018 22:11

In the USA you must get an official copy from the issuer.

mustafagander 10th Aug 2018 10:30

In this day and age a copy of a doco is indistinguishable from an original if done properly.

Dufo 10th Aug 2018 10:54

No, it is not allowed.
Do you do the same with money, carry a copy in case real one gets stolen?

mustafagander 10th Aug 2018 11:14

Reductio ad adsurdum mate. Wake up, if I have a copy that nobody can tell is a copy what's the problem? Anyway I don't mind.

Australopithecus 10th Aug 2018 11:24

Originally Posted by Dufo (Post 10219974)
No, it is not allowed.
Do you do the same with money, carry a copy in case real one gets stolen?

What? You don't spend your REAL money, surely?

In my country the regulator emails your medical renewals etc and leaves it up to the recipient to make the required prints. The regulator has better things to do than run a jiffyprint, plus I get to deduct the cost of my IT bunker.

compressor stall 10th Aug 2018 12:17

Depends on the country. Photocopies of medical fine Down Under. And as far as I can work out, under Part 91 which is imminent, you don't even need a paper copy of your licence, it can be electronic. Refer to 91.113 & 115

FullWings 10th Aug 2018 13:31

In many countries you could print your own licence with made up numbers, fake examiners and a bogus medical and no-one would know the difference (including the CAA). In this technological age, I find the reliance on little bits of dead tree with smudged biro on them laughable...

Check Airman 10th Aug 2018 20:14

From this thread, it depends on the country, and at least in the US, the regulations under which you're flying.

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