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Bungfai 20th Oct 2016 03:02

Personal portable humidifier.
Is personal portable humidifier allowed to use in the cockpit or in the crew rest?
Can the passengers use it?
Are there any regulations?

STBYRUD 21st Oct 2016 13:10

I use a USB powered humidifier occasionally both in the cockpit and in the crew rest, one of those that screw securely onto small water bottles - considering the air flow and the miniscule evaporation rate of the thing probably all i am feeling is the placebo effect, but my nose and sinuses seem happier :ok: I would classify it as a PED, so it depends what your legislation says about those in the cockpit...

evansb 21st Oct 2016 17:17

Given the low humidity in airliner cockpits, I would think a non-battery powered mini humidifier would be welcomed by both the employer and the employee's union.

Here is one that uses only capillary action and fits in a cup-holder:
Eco-friendly and Green Humidifiers

Bungfai 4th Nov 2016 01:38

Thank you for your reply.
My company has just banned using the personal humidifier in all area as it is classified as PED.

midnight cruiser 9th Nov 2016 12:13

Low tech solution - hang up a wet towel

noflynomore 9th Nov 2016 15:53

Total waste of time and effort.
A little wick or one powered by the feeble current of a USB cannot possibly add significantly (probably not even measurably) to the humidity in a cockpit under any circumstances, and certainly not with aircon on. Remember the refresh rates for cabin air?

Your knowledge of basic physics should tell you this idea is pure pie-in-the-sky woo-woo.

Drink the water if you feel dehydrated!

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