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directx11 31st Aug 2015 07:45

Question about A340 ECAM SD and AC Elec
Hello Everyone

I'm new on this forum, so for start i would like to say "Hello" for Everyone. I'm not pilot, rather software developer creating (or trying to create) as real simulations as possible. If this question does not fit this forum please redirect it to right one (if possible) or write me, where i could post such kind of questions. Currently i'm working on A340 for XPlane and preparing to create simulation of electrical system for this bird. It also includes as real as possible ECAM displays for AC/DC system and i stuck a little bit with screen configuration. Does anyone knows existing screens/photos from real display for ELEC AC configuration? I would like to know the difference between screens with and without messages on the botton (like Galley Shed, IDG indications etc.) and others (APU, EXT A/C enabled etc). Have seen few images, but still got too less info how it looks like in real life.

BR, Robert

john_tullamarine 31st Aug 2015 11:50


Probably as good a place as any to start the research.

You may get some antipathy from those folks who are anti-flightsim in their attitude but hopefully the useful comments will be in the great majority.

MrHorgy 5th Sep 2015 08:57

I'm doing something similar, but for the 330. Drop me a line on here I might have some stuff rattling around.

directx11 15th Sep 2015 08:32

Some time ago i found this site, which has quite nice set of ECAM shots: Airbus cockpit pictures and A320 cockpit video. Of course more details are still welcome.

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