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Bubi352 23rd Jan 2015 14:59

A320 Antennas Location
Could someone point out to me what the yellow antennas are on the following pictures.



Thank you!

Wodrick 23rd Jan 2015 15:15

The ones on the A/c centre line are DME the ones slightly off the center line are Transponder
From memory it has been Nine years since I retired.

Amadis of Gaul 23rd Jan 2015 17:47

That looks like LBE.

NSEU 24th Jan 2015 01:38

TCAS is the fat white antenna further aft.

This aircraft appears to have three ATC antennas (Two on the bottom, one on the top)

Boeings usually only have two (shared between the Left and Right ATC systems).

What functions/systems are assigned to these three antennas?


Togue 25th Jan 2015 15:09

Antenna locations.

Bubi352 26th Jan 2015 00:08

I saw that schematic before but it doesn't say which one is which exactly. From the two pictures I posted, there are four similar yellow antennas. Two of them must be the DME antenna. I assume the outboard ones. One is the ATC antenna but what about the other one. I always like to know exactly what I am looking at.

LEVEL600 26th Jan 2015 09:36

Forward is DME 1,aft is DME 2 as is shown on picture above, left is ATC 1,right is ATC 2, both shared also for TCAS . Antennas marked as TCAS * are directional only. If you find two uncommon white antennas almost same shape below the nose, it's MLS.

NSEU 26th Jan 2015 11:58

A320 series walkaround

I see the A320 has two ATC antennas on the roof as well.

Generally, to interact with TCAS, each ATC system needs an upper and lower antenna. The A320 evidently has 4 ATC antennas (two for each ATC system).

tubby linton 26th Jan 2015 12:00

Sorry to start a bit of thread drift but I have two questions-
On the port side of the aircraft there are two AoA probes, Capt and Stby, but which is which?
On a CFM powered aircraft the pneumatic pre-cooler exhausts through some "gills" on top of the pylon. I was looking at an IAE powered aircraft and it doesn't have them on the pylon so where are they ?

Togue 26th Jan 2015 19:16

Check your FCOM
Take a look at DSC 34-10-10 P3/6 27 NOV 13

I am not familiar with CFM. I can not help you with that.

tubby linton 26th Jan 2015 21:09

Thankyou Toque. It was an answer to the IAE powered aircraft that I was after.

LEVEL600 27th Jan 2015 00:08

Grille for precooler air outlet on V2500 is bit smaller in area and due to flat upper side of pylon is not visible if you look from position near engine. But generally is used same design like on CFM A320.

Gas Bags 28th Jan 2015 14:29

Bubi...the two antennas in your picture that are NOT on the centre line are the 2 lower atc antennas. The 2 that are on the centreline are dme antennas. The 320 family also have 2 upper atc antennas not shown in your photos.

Wodrick 28th Jan 2015 14:31

Seem to remember posting something similar about post two.

Gas Bags 28th Jan 2015 14:35

Correct you are wodrick....my bad. You were spot on.

Bubi352 28th Jan 2015 15:58

Thank you all. I am writing an A320 study guide. I am almost done with it but occasionally I have questions. I am doing a preflight chapter so everything you can see (i.e: antennas, drains, access panels,...) will be in there. I have attached a few sample pictures of what I have done. If any of you would like to see the finish product, send me a pm.




Youthfly 5th Feb 2015 10:28

Hey bubi,

Can you send me a glimpse of your book...pictures are a lot informative

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