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Sue Ridgepipe 19th Dec 2014 04:17

A320 L/G not downlocked
When the gear is not downlocked, QRH asks for the landing gear to be recycled. The FCOM says "L/G lever recycling consist to select quickly the L/G lever to UP then DOWN".

I always thought recycle the gear meant select gear up, wait for it to be up and locked, then select down again.

I release the airbus procedure is merely to change to the other LGCIU, but I would have thought it wouldn't be good for the gear if it's going up then suddenly changed to down again. Any thoughts?

peekay4 19th Dec 2014 05:05

There's red OEB 44 with revised procedures... better check the latest OEB version as applicable to the aircraft.

vilas 19th Dec 2014 12:20

Sue Ridgepipe
You are right half way through lowering process reversing it is not good for the gear but that is why quickly up and down. This way before hydraulics get into action the LGCIU is changed and will proceed with lowering.

Sue Ridgepipe 19th Dec 2014 14:14

I believe OEB44 is not applicable to all serial numbers, so vilas your explanation makes sense, thanks.

peekay4 20th Dec 2014 02:28

The new procedure applies to all MSNs across the fleet (A318, A319, A320 and A321).

The new procedure was mandated by EASA AD 2014-0221 this summer. It covers recovery from problems not originally considered as part of the old procedure. All AFMs were to be amended by a TR including this procedure by the end of October, 2014.

Recycle landing gear.
Note: For recycling, select landing gear lever up, wait for landing gear uplock and doors to close, then select landing gear lever down.

Wait 60 s with landing gear lever down:
If not successful :
The recycling must be attempted up to 5 times, if necessary.
Recycle landing gear.

Wait 60 s between each recycling.
If not successful after 5 recycles:
Wait 120 s.
Extend landing gear by gravity.

Terminating actions required for EOB 44 includes incorporating this new procedure into the FWC. So from now on, this procedure will be the one shown in ECAM actions.

vilas 20th Dec 2014 10:40

OEB44 is cancelled by Modification Operational Impact MOI: 153741/P13023
which introduces FWC standard H2F7. OEB 44 is included in this.

But I don't see the first part the note about recycling in the OEB.

peekay4 20th Dec 2014 19:21

Hi vilas, please check if you have the latest version of OEB 44?

OEB 44 has been revised several times over several years (since 2011), and the new wording only appeared in recent versions after discovery of additional issues.

I believe the current versions are: FCOM issue 4, QRH issue 6, AFM TR 437 version 1.1.

The old versions only required FWC H2F7. The new versions have updated procedure and also require retrofit of the MLG door actuators as applicable, to comply with EASA AD 2014-0221 affecting all MSNs.

vilas 21st Dec 2014 05:09

You are right this is the latest, I think even QRH early this year doesn't have it. Earlier it was a matter of change of LGCIU now other issues have been discovered. The EASA AD explains in detail.

Sue Ridgepipe 21st Dec 2014 05:45

So can I assume from all this that OEB44 is now applicable to all serial numbers, and it is now no longer sufficient to "select quickly the L/G lever to UP then DOWN"?

vilas 21st Dec 2014 08:28

Sue Ridgepipe
Yes I think that is appropriate.

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