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cavadina 27th Nov 2010 00:56

"Hidden pages" are real in 737NG FMC?
I have tried several times on our A/C, which had the version 10.7 and 10.8, but never succeeded. Did anyone know about this?

The steps are shown as following:

Flight Management Computer
This is not a hidden page, but it is the way into them. You can bring up this OFFSET page either from RTE or INIT/REF INDEX.
1. Have this page displayed on both CDU's.

2. Enter any offset but do not execute.

3. Simultaneously press ERASE on both CDU's.

Denti 27th Nov 2010 07:02

The resulting page is not "hidden" anymore, you can reach it via normal FMC functions in 10.7. Do you really use 10.8? Boeing urged us to remove it after only a couple weeks, mainly because we had some near-incidents with IAN approaches flown 200ft below the normal profile.

iflytb20 27th Nov 2010 07:42

We were able to do that with 10.5A & 10.6. But ever since we loaded 10.7, that "hidden" page disappeared.

punk666 27th Nov 2010 10:45

He must of ment 10.8A, which by the way doesnt have the "Hidden pages" in either.

STBYRUD 27th Nov 2010 14:14

ALTN DEST is a customer option... used to be accessible even without the pin using the trick he described until they fixed that in U10.7.

Denti 27th Nov 2010 23:03

Another option? Well, not really surprising actually. Never thought of it though, as ALTN DEST is available on all of ours (Route page 1, lowest left LSK).

By the way, is 10.8A released? We do get continously new aircraft and so far we still get them with 10.7.

aterpster 28th Nov 2010 02:27


By the way, is 10.8A released? We do get continously new aircraft and so far we still get them with 10.7.
I suspect that is because your company told Boeing to deliver them that way for fleet commonality.

Denti 28th Nov 2010 07:38

Would be surprised by that as we officially fly allready VNAV departures (VNAV armed on the ground) which is only available from 10.8 on. It was introduced with 10.8 and never retracted unlike the FMC version which had to be downgraded to 10.7 as 10.8 had pretty dangerous bugs. Reasoning not to retract the VNAV thing was mainly that 10.8a was to be delivered ASAP, however it never was.

Fleet commonality doesn't really play a role in my company, we fly around 15 different configurations of 737NGs at the moment.

cavadina 3rd Dec 2010 05:39

yes it's true on 10.7 and 10.8, Boeing have removed this item. although it's neat

Denti 3rd Dec 2010 06:28

As mentioned above it is not removed, apparently it is now an option you have to buy. If you have it ALTN DST is available from route page 1. Its operation is described in the FCOM chapter flight management and navigation / FMC descent and approach / alternate airport diversions.

Apparently it was not officially supported before 10.7 and therefore not available by normal means. It is now an official part of the FMC software, however optional same as other things.

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