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London Jets 5th Aug 2004 16:09

Hows this for a cracked windscreen
do you think Autoglass could fix this!!!!




Cejkovice 5th Aug 2004 16:19

What a/c is this???

Any idea what caused the crack??

Human Factor 5th Aug 2004 16:49

From the location, probably the Captain's head. :E

Paracab 5th Aug 2004 16:59

This One Hurt As Well....

Vee One...Rotate 5th Aug 2004 17:06

Erm...doesn't that first pic show the a/c at a considerable altitude...with every Autoglass repairman's worst nightmare of a screwed windscreen!? That can't be even slightly safe!

V1R :bored:

birdbrain 5th Aug 2004 17:09

Probably caused by one of those frozen chickens... !:p

Vee One...Rotate 5th Aug 2004 17:12

Ah, these'll be the problem...


V1R :p

Flap 5 5th Aug 2004 17:30

I have had a cracked windscreen similar to this on an A320. That was caused by a broken thermostat. The windscreen heat remained on full power. This was okay at altitude and at high speed. However as we slowed down at the outer marker there was a bang and the windscreen shattered in front of me. There are three layers and only one layer had shattered so the windscreen retained it's integrity, but it was still a shock. I continued the approach as I could still see the touchdown point. I was about to hand over control to the F/O but she screamed so I thought it was better for me to retain control!

This particular windscreen looks like a 747.

BYMONEK 5th Aug 2004 18:09

Bloody Women Pilots!

London Jets 5th Aug 2004 18:09

The aircraft is a Boeing 747-200 G-CCMA

The first picture is taken between Jeddah and Kaula Lumpur at 28,000 ft.

The second picture is taken back at Kaula Lumpur.

It happened on the ground in Jeddah on 11th Feb 2004, apparently a stress fracture in one of the layers of glass. I don't know how cockpit glass is made but I was told there is 4 or 5 layers that are bonded together and it was one of the inner layers that cracked, maybe one of you technical bods can explain how these windows are made. We flew back at a reduced altitude because of this crack.


mutt 5th Aug 2004 19:09

It happened on the ground in Jeddah on 11th Feb 2004
And yet the aircraft flew to KUL, is that permitted in the MEL??


Looker 5th Aug 2004 20:09

Happened to me too, short final to BRU the Captain's windscreen shattered with a fairly loud bang - neither of us screamed!

My sector - so made sense for me to carry on with approach and landing which was uneventful.

Interesting part was taxiing to the stand as the ERJ 145 only has tiller steering on the Captain's side - doh!

And yes we departed back to base, empty as allowed for in the MEL, after being inspected by dubious Belgium engineer. Albeit we chose to fly back unpressurised at a low FL.

avioniker 5th Aug 2004 20:37

Depending on whether you have a 3, 9, or 15 panel window installed you may ferry to a repair facility or in some very limited circumstances (once again depending on how many layers and who made the pane) you may fly for a couple of legs.

One of the procedures for a broken outer layer is to turn on the wipers to clear off the broken glass and continue on to destination.

Me, I'd just depressurize, call for front seat drinks, and get on the ground...:}

London Jets 5th Aug 2004 20:55


yep, as i said we flew back to KUL from JED. The flight was full on the way back as well. We were doing the Hajj flights for Malaysian Airlines.

I'll dig out some more pictures tomorrow of the windscreen.


EAF122 5th Aug 2004 22:56

Yeah london jets, and when your flight arrive at KUL the pax been transfer into another flight to carry they journey into JOHAROBARU or something like this, near SINGAPORE, i took over from you and we have a fire on taxi at the flight deck door, do you remember??? nothing serious but we have to go back to stand, once the problem was sorted we left.
and to finish the soap, the plane was loaded with full fuel tanks to go to jeddah, and we have to dump fuel because our flight was only 20 minutes, feel sorry for the pax, but what a great time we had in KUL, IN IT????

411A 6th Aug 2004 00:20

Some windscreens have no pressurization restrictions when a layer is fractured.
The Lockheed TriStar is one of these.
Six layers of polycarbonite, and one layer of tempered glass (on the outside) make for a mighty tough product.

Rollingthunder 6th Aug 2004 01:00

Got a call from the chief pilot - DC10s one day. He wanted a cracked windscreen off a 10 for demonstration purposes (or as a paperweight for his desk). Dug one up from condemned rotables and trundled it up to his office. Bloody thing weighed over 100 lbs.

compressor stall 6th Aug 2004 01:53

I would have thought that depressurisation was the less desirable to the options....you have 500kts of force on the window trying to blow it inwards...why not keep some pressure on the inside trying to blow it outwards? Surely must put some less stress on the window?

Maybe an engineering type can confirm?

lambsie 6th Aug 2004 04:01

Oh very grown up BYMONEK.:rolleyes:

SeldomFixit 6th Aug 2004 06:35

Cracked windshield checklist:
Seatbelt: tight then some for Mum
Raybans: On and check
Pressurisation: suck instead of blow
Vision: not impaired
Checklist complete - carry on in a revenue direction :ok:

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