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a320 wing tip brake slat recycle

hi all
i hv a question on the airbus a320 wing tip brake.

assume that after take off we have an ecam fctl slat locked (wing tip brake on)
i read from the fcom that the recycle is not reccomended.

soo if want to retract flaps to reduce the fuel burnt is it possible??

thank you in advance
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WTBs activate in case of asymmetry, mechanism overspeed, any symmetrical
runaway or uncommanded movement of the surfaces.

They can't be released in flight - only on the ground.

They use B+G for slats and right wing flaps, and B+Y for left wing flaps.
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If the slats are locked, the flaps still move.
In your scenario, after TO, if the slats lock on selection of Flaps 1, the Flaps will move to 1+F (10deg). If you have selected Flap 0, the slats lock but the flaps retract to 0.
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Above post is correct.

The ECAM shall indicate Max Speed 200kts. Be careful here, as it is so easy to overshoot the speed even on A/P and A/T, and you will get that repetitive chime on just a few knots above 200kts.

I select speed max 190kts.

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Slats or flaps locked is a non recycle due to possible damage caught by the wing tip brakes as opposed to a Slats / Flaps fault where a recycle is an option.
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Just don't change the date on that clock
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There are two reasons for the jam. 1) computer problem and 2)WTB. In the computer problem case ECAM tells you recycle but in the other case it doesn't.

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