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Unserviceabilities with Unusual Symptoms ..

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Unserviceabilities with Unusual Symptoms ..

Old 5th Jun 2007, 22:41
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Airbus A320 Series

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Old 6th Jun 2007, 20:07
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DEU 2 fails in flight. Subsequently, slats fail to extend - multiple occurences.

note only
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Old 8th Jun 2007, 05:34
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Old 4th Jul 2007, 16:35
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Flight director disagree.
I have never seen this before on an airbus!
AP2 engaged.Modes are v/s and loc with gs armed. Aircraft is cleared to 2000ft and further with the glide.
F/o PFd GS* as glideslope captures at approx 2300ft.Ap1 engaged as plan is practice autoland.
Capt Pfd Alt* as approaching fcu altitude as GS* not annunciated.
AP1 now master autopilot so aircraft attempts to acquire fcu alt and not the glideslope.
Glideslope is now showing fly down so both autopilots and fd disengaged and a manual approach and landing flown.
Does anybody have any ideas as to why this happened?
Double rad alt fail will cause neither fd to arm in gs on the minibus but never seen it as a failure just on one side!
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Old 4th Jul 2007, 18:20
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012 Boeing 737 NG

012 Boeing 737 NG

Symptom: No nosewheel steering after tug has disconnected.

Reason: Steering bypass lever has not fully returned to the vertical. This is a known problem on the NG, make a tech log entry and get the engineers to service the lever.

Immediate Solution: Call groundcrew back to move lever back to correct position and continue flight or return to stand and get engineering fix.
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 22:36
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B757 Fuel problem

This is for the B757 unusual symptoms section (No16).
Just finished Centre Tank feeding. One wing then lost fuel rapidly (100kgs every 2 mins). Daylight, but no visual cues. Will the aircraft fly with one wing tank empty and the other with 6 tons? I was not really prepared to experiment. When 1 ton lost, decided to make an emergency landing at a major airfield just below us. On stand, one wing had lost 1.2 tons. Inspection and engine run produced no fault. Refuelled and prepared to continue, when a junior mech came to me and said he had seen this once before. Origin was Turkey. Fuel density is measured at only one point (so I am told) - unlike the quantity. He suggested that water had come to rest over the density measuring point and the auto refuel cut-out had operated when 6.5 tons was registered. Further - he said - fuel from Turkey often had a higher than normal water content. (I have operated from there for several years and had not noticed this.)
When the wing tank started to feed, the water rapidly movd from the measuring point and the correct density prevailed. Difference in water/fuel density = 20%. Difference in full wing tank contents (6.5t) and 'lost' fuel (1.2t) = 20%. When I suggested this to Quality Control, they flew into a rage - but my shoulders are broad.
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Old 22nd Sep 2007, 09:34
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Best one I know of was a Shed ( Shorts 330) at Cranfield used for para dropping....

During very rapid descent after dropping said load, the pilots watch glass "popped"
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Old 7th Dec 2007, 15:47
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Talk Sense

john .....half the area is reserved for expansion. most ordinary people dont have the patience . talk sense and make it more reader friendly
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Old 7th Dec 2007, 16:52
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Again, seperate the airframes.
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Old 17th Dec 2007, 19:38
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After take-off, F/O's F/D fails, all three A/Ps unable to select. Flaps retracted normally.

Solution: Arm alternate flaps for 30 seconds, then disarm.
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Old 26th Dec 2007, 16:49
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When releasing park brake for taxi, L & R ANTISKID cautions on EICAS.

Cause: Setting Park brake too soon after A/skid test (while test not fully complete)

Solution: With Park Brake released, re-do A/skid test. When cautions go out, problem should be solved.
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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 06:19
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020 A320-232 IAE V2500 A5

During cruise F340 E/WD started displaying rapid and continuous ecam warning messages....rud trim2 fault..fws sdac2 fault..air pack2 regul fault..nav ils2 fault..yaw damper2 fault..nav adr2 fault..and the list goes on ...with no failure message nor ecam action being required by the system.
SYS. DISPLAY ELEC page consulted..GEN2 voltage observed to fluctuate btn 5 to 103v
APU started and when avail. GEN2 switched off without IDG disconnection,problem disappears...continue to base as such
maintnance reports a socket change or upgrade ( if there is such a thing )
in FADEC 2 as per airbus tech bulletin after numerous reports to airbus about similar occurences..as per company techies
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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 06:25
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For those who wonder why I haven't tidied this thread up .. all a case of time .. and it takes quite some time to move this and that here and there to get a reasonable presentation.

What I request is that you just post your comments and, periodically, I'll find time to slash and burn to put the comments into some sort of semblance of order ..
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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 06:40
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Being a mark 1 mode zero lazy person, the only thing i do wonder about is where do you get the stamina to do it all, much less tidy up this thread
any personal APU?......any suggestions is more than welcome by yours truly
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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 07:12
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It's a simple situation ...

moderator = masochist

For some inexplicable reason, we all get a buzz out of modding in PPRuNe ... hopefully, at least most of the time .. we do a passable job ..
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Old 9th Sep 2008, 22:10
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I'm not flying the A310/A300 for some time now (I'm on A340/A330) but it just might happened that:

Once LAND mode has been armed and one AP engaged in CMD, the DC bus tie contactor (connecting the DC NORM BUS and the DC ESS BUS) automatically opens in order to assure an independent electrical power supplies for the AP/FD 1 and AP/FD 2.
In case of DC bus tie contactor failure to open, the landing capability does not change from CAT 2 to CAT 3 after the engagement of the second AP (but no audio alert is provided).

As you know FD1 receives info from FCC1 and ADR1 and FD2 from FCC2 and ADR2. In case of a slight difference of info one FD goes for the GS* and the other just acquired ALT*.

Anyway that was just a little bit strange...
Just may be one of your pax was phoning to his girl friend and the cellular interfered...
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Old 14th Dec 2008, 02:24
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3 points:
1. On 767/757, fuel densitometers are very moisture critical;
2. During our Fuel Leak simulator training, we demonstrated that the 767 was controllable with one wing FULL and one wing EMPTY.
3. The Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM) states that the fuel imbalance limit is NOT for controllability reasons, but for long term structural reasons.

Sorry Mr Moderator, this belongs with #26 (757 fuel problem)
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 11:10
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Strange engine noise

737-300 CFM engines
Spin engine inspect blades on walk round. Hear sound similar to ball in roulette wheel as fan slows to a stop. Didn't accept suggestion to ferry to major service depot. Possibly should have.

Head sheared from tie bolt and floating around engine internals. Light to moderate blade fir trees' damage.

(p.s. This the style you are looking for?)
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Old 14th May 2009, 13:25
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Airbus 330

Both Eng bleeds inop after take off in short succession couple off resets carried out with no success. ECAM did not sense the second Eng Bleed inop. No ECAM associated with losing pressurisation. No ECAM except the fault light on the overhead panel on second eng bleed. Used the APU bleed to land...
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Old 17th May 2009, 19:04
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DHC-6 Twin Otter (Series 100, 200, or 300)

Problem: 400~ caution light is illuminated, but all AC services work normally.
Cause: 400~ fuse in AC fuse panel is open circuit.
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