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Question Logging Level C & D Simulator Time

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any strong clarification on how to log Level C or D simulator time. I know the very least, you can log it as "Simulator" and "Simulated Instrument" (for the time in IFR). Then, some pilots say you can log it as multi-engine time, turbine time, etc or any of the mix. Then there are airlines which considers Level C or D to be multi-time, others don't, or some count C/D time up to a certain number of hours. So how should I really log it?

Also...when you are non-flying pilot, can you log the approaches?

Thanks a lot.

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Aw you must be really short on multi-time if you're gonna log your sim time as that. It's easy if you're in a JAR-FCL country.
There are new logbooks out that comply with JAR-FCL logging requirements (I suggest you get one, even Jeppesen has a nice one). Under JAR-FCL, there's a special column called 'synthetic training devices'. Just three items are logged: date, type of aircraft, sim time. Not even landings (loggable in Level D) or approaches are logged.
So sim time the old fasioned way cannot be logged as turbine, jet, multi or simulated IFR. But really, how much time do you spend in a Level C or D simulator? Spent 60 hours in there for my 757 initial training, but still, 60 hours of multi-engine is not really that impressive or useful.
As PNF, I don't log the approaches.
But that's just my thinking

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60 hours for initial? Well I guess it might be possible, SQ gave 60 circuits in the B707 to new F/O's in the 1970's. Trained to proficiency. NOTHING wrong with that. In fact, now that I think of it, not a bad idea for all new guys (in the sim, aircraft a bit expensive).
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Another difference between Europe and US, is the type ratings! Not saying which is better, but the syllabus is just much more comprehensive here in Europe. The 60 hours (including PNF of course) is standard, I hear it's even 84 hours for a B744 rating with KLM. As long as the company pays for it, I think it's very good since I felt very comfortable on my first flight in the 757.
Which by the way was circuit training as well. Not 60 but there were four of us and we did about 8 per person, including the exam. It's a requirement over here.

And SO much fun!

By the way, two of us were 13+ year B737 captains. Everybody does the circuits.
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