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cyflyer 24th Jan 2019 00:41

Should this passenger be banned ?
Just spotted this. He should be banned from flying. Flight attendends should not have to wipe people's bums.


Lantern10 24th Jan 2019 02:18

Well it's a tad hard to disagree with you. So Yes.

Buswinker 24th Jan 2019 09:31

In some reports one of the pilots was involved in the bum wiping too- due to no male CC

id quit!

rog747 24th Jan 2019 14:55

Gross - which airline and country so I can avoid

nonsense 25th Jan 2019 12:36

No, he shouldn't be banned from flying.
But he does need to recognise that he has a serious disability.
He needs an assistant, which is his problem to arrange.
His disability (size and lack of agility) may render him unfit for flying, particularly long haul.

He certainly should not just book a flight and show up without declaring his special needs, and I could well understand EVA banning him based on his past failure to alert them to his needs!

Ripton 29th Jan 2019 08:18

Originally Posted by nonsense (Post 10370422)
I could well understand EVA banning him based on his past failure to alert them to his needs!

It's more than just a past failure to inform them of his needs, he's reported to have defecated in his seat on a previous flight with them.

Setting aside this particular incident, the issue of massively overweight passengers being seated in economy needs to be looked at properly. I've experienced being sat next to a passenger who has spilled out of his seat into mine on a couple of occasions. Fortunately, on the longer of the two (LHR - SYD), the passenger in question was moved to a spare premium economy seat. The idea of being forced to lean out into the aisle for 20 plus hours was frightening.

meleagertoo 29th Jan 2019 14:47

Frankly I'm surprised any FA would agree to such a request. "Wipe it yourself or sit in it sir, your call!"
Given the pax's outrageous attitude and behaviour I'd have no hestation in bnning him.
If I were the airline I'd be considering a court case for harassement too.

cyflyer 1st Feb 2019 01:10

If I were the airline I'd be considering a court case for harassement too
If I were the Flight Attendant I would be sueing for damages. I'm sure that wiping men's backsides in not in their normal work remit. I hope she washed her hands before serving the food to passengers.

chevvron 1st Feb 2019 02:21

I try not to use the toilet when flying but long haul you may have no choice; in any case if I was as 'far gone' as this bloke to be unable to wipe my own @$$ I simply wouldn't fly.

AndoniP 1st Feb 2019 17:01

Nonsense has it right - he should have a carer to look after him if he's too obese to fly alone. Perhaps people should be assessed somehow before flight and seats allocated accordingly. I'm not sure whether airlines would hand out upgrades simply because some people are too fat to sit in an economy seat though. Make them pay the difference when they check in?
If he defecated on a seat on a previous flight, then Eva should have put him on a ban list.

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