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flyingeric62 21st Mar 2017 00:35

Unusual low flight
A few minutes ago (around 11.25am or so) I had what sounded like a large commercial jet fly very low over my place at Tarbuck Bay NSW 2428. Sounded low enough to be about to land but nearest airports are Newcastle and Taree. I went outside to see what it was but missed it as it had gone over the hill. Anyone know what might be going on here?

wdew 21st Mar 2017 01:27

QLK 421D closest to you unless you had a non ttanspo ding mil flight playing around there

flyingeric62 21st Mar 2017 02:09

Didn't sound anything like a Dash 8 to me. More like a very large but slow commercial size jet. We often get FA18's from Williamtown playing around here, sometimes even going supersonic but this was nothing at all like that.

flyingeric62 21st Mar 2017 02:21

Just looked on Flightaware and it says QLK 421D departed on time but landed 46 mins late at 12.22pm. Enlarged the track and it does show the aircraft has done a circuit for some reason in
this area so maybe that was it? I wonder what was going on?

flyingeric62 21st Mar 2017 02:38

Hmmm maybe it was a Hawk. Flying Operations - Royal Australian Air Force

BBB3 21st Mar 2017 04:49

Not in the same area as you but have had that with a raaf C-17... Scared the crap out everybody who saw it.

wdew 21st Mar 2017 05:36

Any info why QLK made a few burnouts on their way to Newcastle ?

flyingeric62 21st Mar 2017 09:35

Yes a C-17 looking like it was coming in to land where there's no airstrip would frighten me that's for sure! haha Some locals around here are saying it was a couple of air force jets flying low with the speed brakes on. Strange. Never knew they could fly that slow and thought they used those for landing?

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