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yurski 8th Nov 2014 15:37

SWAN ON RUNWAY! Delays 20+ aircraft at Heathrow Airport!
This is too funny. A juvenile swan decides to take a nap on Runway 27L at London Heathrow Airport, delaying 20+ aircraft from A320s to several wide-bodies such as the worlds largest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380. Thousands of passengers sit still on the tarmac whilst our feathered friend makes himself at home

Dockwell 9th Nov 2014 14:16

Could this have been the "Ghost Swan" which Ive heard has been seen flying down Heathrows runway at night ! strangely I can find no evidence in a google search on the subject :-( anyone got any knowledge of it?

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 9th Nov 2014 14:27

The links don't work for me but I cannot understand the huge delay. There are runway inspection and other ops vehicles on the airfield all the time and it would only take a few minutes for them to chase the swan. I'd be interested to hear more!

Dockwell 9th Nov 2014 15:57

Perhaps it took a while to wake him up :-)

LTNman 9th Nov 2014 17:32

chevvron 9th Nov 2014 18:11

The problem is, a swan doesn't have the necessary strength to generate the lift required for takeoff from a hard surface; they can only take off unassisted from water. It's a common occurence for them to see a smooth surface covered in a thin film of water and think it's a river so they land.
It doesn't help having that canal along the south side of Heathrow; it seems to attract hundreds of swans and as they're all the property of the Monarch, you can't just go out and shoot them (even though persons from certain East European countries think you can.)

KelvinD 9th Nov 2014 20:59

I feel sorry for the herons on that canal/river. You will see them spot a likely looking meal, make for the water and pull up. You can just imagine them thinking "who put that wire mesh over my dinner?".
Funnily, there is a sign alongside the canal, proudly boasting about Heathrow's environmental credentials, while starving the poor bloody herons!

Dockwell 9th Nov 2014 21:05

I believe there is quite a thriving community of Terrapins on the T5 stretch of canal, probably being protected by the afore mentioned wire mesh above their heads !

DaveReidUK 9th Nov 2014 21:14

It doesn't help having that canal along the south side of Heathrow; it seems to attract hundreds of swans
Though not many narrowboats. :O

Glassy Water 9th Nov 2014 23:30

Got a couple of families who block our runway all the time ! Bribery works every time ! Don't have to chase them - handful of food and they'll chase you :D


pax britanica 13th Nov 2014 14:09

There are stretches on the canal and the river which are free from mesh- nott hat the canal or river are in very good shape these days.

A nostalgic place for me as I spent many a happy hour in early 60s on the narrow but adequate green strip between the Longford River and the grandly named Duke of Northumberland's Canal (which is only about 3 feet deep) .
Very pleasant on a summers day with LHR on easterlies- not quite so nice when on easterlies in the winter though with the wind chill demonstrating just how flat and open LHR was in those days.

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