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flying officer kite 11th Aug 2010 14:14

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Im researching flights to Dhaka (and beyond) from LHR for the end of the year. Ive found some possible flights that allow me to fly on some of their older types (trying to avoid the Portugal-reg 777 if i can). Does anyone have access to their route timetables, aircraft types to be used on them, and any advice for booking flights?

Ive attempted to contact their UK branch, with no response and i cant book multi domestic sectors otherwise


Dave Clarke Fife 11th Aug 2010 16:38

Have a look under flight schedules............it lists B777 and A310 between London and Dhaka

Biman-airlines.com: Biman's Official Website

trident3A 12th Aug 2010 08:59

Do they still operate the DC-10?

Dave Clarke Fife 12th Aug 2010 10:33

Just had a quick look and the timetable says the DC10 operates the BG048 from Dubai to Dhaka...............lots of people going home on their hols.

ba038 13th Aug 2010 12:55

Biman have the most awful in-flight service.Flew with them twice.But never again!.I dont think you can get direct flights to dhaka from LHR.

SMT Member 13th Aug 2010 14:37

Wasn't the DC-10 banned by the EU?

Ridge Runner 13th Aug 2010 19:52

Yes! Find out why!

Tempsford 14th Aug 2010 07:09

In was in DAC a few weeks ago and saw a number of Biman DC10. They have at least three DC10 still operating. They tend to fly in the region on short/medium haul flights.

Load Toad 14th Aug 2010 07:20

Why would anybody want to fly Biman? If I had to get out of a war zone or such - I might still enquire if there was a bus service operating instead.

superspotter 14th Aug 2010 08:17

How about Saudi triple to Riyadh then Biman 10 to Dhaka?? :sad:

10 DME ARC 14th Aug 2010 13:07

One word 'Emirates' believe me its for the best!!

kala87 19th Aug 2010 09:10

Gosh.are Biman still operating those DC10's? I remember those birds when I lived in Dhaka in 1984, and they weren't very new then, ex-SIA if I recall.

In those days I mainly flew around the region on Biman's 707's, ex-PanAm I think. One had a double engine failure on the same side shortly after take-off from DAC and came screaming over our residential area at tree top height, or so it seemed at the time. Had a few folks at the Club duck their heads for sure.

superspotter 19th Aug 2010 18:55

Yep, still going, as are the FK-28's :)

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