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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
Given everything else that goes on there I wonder if Airbus even have the space/hangarage at Blagnac...(? genuine question) it might well be more convenient for them to shuttle people as and if needed up to Paris and use AF facilities at CDG than to tie up AB resources and space at Toulouse.
But isn't there 'spare capacity' in the A380 build facility?
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Why has this thread been moved to the spectators balcony? We are still waiting for the accident report...
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But isn't there 'spare capacity' in the A380 build facility?
Dunno...are they leaving bits of the facility empty...or using all the bits more slowly...
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Back home yesterday ...

Air France retrieves stranded A380 from Canada

Air France has retrieved the Airbus A380 stranded in Canada, flying it back to Paris, but the aircraft will not be returned to service for several weeks.

The aircraft (F-HPJE) had been parked in Goose Bay since 30 September after it diverted following uncontained failure of one of its Engine Alliance GP7200 powerplants.

Air France tells FlightGlobal that its own crew, rather than Airbus personnel, flew the aircraft back to Paris Charles de Gaulle on 6 December. It landed around 22:00.

The aircraft has been taken to the H6 hangar at the airport, a facility which was specifically designed for A380 maintenance.

Air France says the aircraft will undergo checks for "a few weeks" before it is returned to scheduled service.

The A380 suffered failure of its starboard outboard engine during a flight to Los Angeles.

Its engine was subsequently replaced in Goose Bay, having been transported by an Antonov An-124, and the A380 departed Canada with all four powerplants functioning, says the airline.

Air France says the detached engine has been shipped to the UK for further analysis to determine the nature and cause of the failure, which included the loss of its fan disk.

06 Dec Goose Bay (YYR) Paris (CDG) AF371V 4:53 STD12:00 PM ATD12:15 PM STA 9:59 PM Landed 10:09 PM
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Please tell us: why was this extremely important and very interesting thread moved? Moving it essentially buried it where few will see it and few will be able to find it. And it was moved -- AFA*I*K -- before the 380 even left Goose Bay.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give us.
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I think Tech Log is the best place for this thread at this juncture.

Edit: I've been enjoying this thread since the beginning
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