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Teesside Runways ?

Old 31st Jan 2016, 08:28
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Teesside Runways ?

I'm prompted by the thread about the now defunct runway at Edinburgh to ask a similar question regarding Teesside, now Durham Tees Valley. I can recall seeing light aircraft regularly using 19/01 and also seeing a Handley Page Herald taking off on the East / West runway (now the Central Taxiway). Can anyone please offer info as to when these two runways ceased to be used and what was the largest aircraft (not counting Avro Lancaster's !!) to use them.
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Once saw an F27 land towards the terminal back in the 80s and back out straight from the terminal with a little hop crossing the main, that runway became the dangerous goods loading area. Both it and 19/01 were finally finished off by the new fence. They were both in very poor condition and I don't think they even had any lights.

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runway useage

I can't be sure...but I'm sure I used to see aircraft,big,small,wide and noisy using the main runway 05/23...or maybe it was just a pie in the sky dream??:
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Runway 01/19 was NOTAM'd out of service around mid 2004 if I remember correctly, and was formally withdrawn from use in Winter 2004/5. I believe one of the main reasons for this was the surface which was breaking up and would have required a cost to get it back into a good enough standard to use. The northern part of the runway remained available as taxiway Juliet for locally based light aircraft only until a few years back when it too was closed because of the state of the surface.

Not sure on 10/28, however the Police BN2T used to have dispensation to use it to depart on (as taxiway Bravo) up until they replaced the Islander with an EC-135 around 10 years ago.

Hope that helps,

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RAF Middleton St George, sorry Teesside Airport, sorry Durham Tees Valley......

Anyway, I did an RAF flying scholarship there in 1985 and at the time 28/10 was a take-off-one-direction-land-the-other-runway as the newish terminal building got in the way. It was a favourite of Norman Buddin, the club CFI, to pull an engine failure early downwind on 23 with the only option being a glide to 28.

Happy days.
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1985 for 10/28 would be about right, but I don't think it was around much longer after that. One ATCO called it "the cabbage patch" due to the deteriorating state of the surface.

10 was a favourite of Air UK crews departing for Norwich. It was a bit disconcerting for a moment to hear the Darts spool up so close to the terminal until you realised what was happening.

Norman Buddin. A real "character". The place had a few of them back then.

Oh, and it had passengers, too...
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