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Work Experience

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Work Experience

On behalf of my son I'm asking about Work Experience involving Aviation, Airlines or Airports. He is set that he would like a career in this sector and is certain he wants to do Air Traffic Control. Last year he had to do a day of Work Exp which he managed to arrange half a day alongside the controllers at EMA in the Radar Room and up the tower. Now this year he has got to do a week, as I said he is looking to be involved with aviation.
He is a sensible boy and keen aswell as being intelligent. Has anybody any suggestions or can somebody help even further.
Thanks in advance.
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Work experience is a great starting point, when I was at high school, I did mine in 2005 at Manchester Airport and got a week of going around the aerodrome tower, airfield ops, apron control, baggage management, terminal information desks. Mine was in September so I contacted them as early as possible during this kind of period to get it organised. Mine was done through HR (emailing them) and I presume that's how most will try to organise it unless you find a specific contact. Usually if you search the Airports websites for an ATC contact, that is a good starting point. Good luck to whatever happens, he'll enjoy it!
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Work Experience

I know for a fact that MAG positively encourages work experience placements, at least at Manchester. Can't imagine that East Mids - which is owned by MAG - would be much different. Suggest that you drop them a line and see what happens.

Good luck!
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Be interesting to see how he gets around ID card issues these days. Even with a Gatwick pilot card AND a Gatwick based airline card, one would run into bumptious security staff at other airports who would either try and confiscate the Gatwick card or try and deny access. The days of reasonable access to anywhere seem to be gone. The days of reasonable common sense in security have gone. I still marvel that Dubai Airport allowed a bunch of dancers and kids access to the terminals to do a flashmob dance (youtube Dubai Airports flashmob)! Look at them- not an ID card in sight, and airside! It would be banned here.
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A simple temporary pass will be issued, the same as everyone else that requires airside access and doesn't work at the airport...
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Thank You all for your replies.
Since my post, we have found EMA's work experience application form aswell as asked a couple of local flying clubs regarding a placement. My son has already had 2 trial flights at Leicester so maybe doing his placement there could be a great idea. We have also contacted Servisair and Signature Flight Support aswell as interacted with SafeSkys regarding a placement. My son is starting to realise he may have to look at different routes for his placement as it appears he was fortunate to get half a day in ATC last year.
A family friend works at Monarch and they told us that sometimes you can get a placement if you know somebody there, but my son is clinging onto the fact he could work airside with the planes or be involved with ATC somehow.
Thanks Again.
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Try emailing Airfield Ops at EMA, or giving them a call. At Manchester they're usually quite good in sorting out work experience. Being the MAG group I'd assume they're equally as helpful at EMA?
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6000 miles away, but we do a significant amount of work experience with a couple of Thai universities and for any young person interested in aviation, an airline training centre can be very educational.

Ryanair have such a facility at EMA and maybe they would be accommodating? Might be worth a call (Ask for Bob Owen)
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