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Airbubba 22nd Dec 2020 18:32

New Taiwan Covid Case Traced to New Zealand Pilot
Some professional pilot news from The Wall Street Journal:

Taiwan Sees Its First Locally Transmitted Case in Eight Months
By Joyu Wang
The Wall Street Journal

December 22, 2020

Taiwan, one the world’s biggest successes in containing Covid-19, reported its first case of local transmission in about eight months, traced to a New Zealand pilot.

The island has strict border controls and quarantine measures, with those in quarantine tracked through their phones. While mask-wearing is required on public transit and in places such as shopping malls and movie theaters, life has largely returned to a pre-pandemic normal. People pack restaurants, bars and concerts. Thousands attend outdoor events such as gay-pride parades, and children remain in schools.

Taiwan, with a population of about 24 million, has reported a total of 770 coronavirus infections and seven deaths.

The locally infected patient, a woman in her 30s, had come in contact with a New Zealand pilot in his 60s who later tested positive for the coronavirus, Taiwan health authorities said Tuesday. During contact tracing, the pilot didn't mention contact with the new patient, though it was later uncovered in a police investigation, they said.

Pilots entering Taiwan are required to quarantine for three days and other flight crew for five, compared with two weeks for other travelers. This month, the government tightened border controls, requiring inbound travelers to provide negative test results before boarding a flight. Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said Tuesday that the government was looking to further tighten measures and would announce changes Wednesday.

The New Zealand pilot was coughing and not wearing a mask during a Dec. 12 flight to the U.S., according to health authorities. A Taiwanese pilot in her 30s who was on that flight tested positive for the coronavirus after returning to Taiwan last Wednesday.

The local patient saw the New Zealand pilot before Dec. 12, health authorities said.

Mr. Chen said Tuesday that the pilot breached the island’s regulations by failing to provide information for contact tracing, which carries a maximum fine equivalent to more than $10,000.

Lookleft 22nd Dec 2020 22:15

Sounds like this was more a close contact than a casual contact! Reading between the lines I am guessing that the NZ pilot ( I am assuming an expat) didn't want a third party to know about how the second party contracted the virus from him.

B2N2 22nd Dec 2020 22:37

Pilot 60
“Contact” 30....
Yep...we know....:suspect:

Seat4A 23rd Dec 2020 01:38

The Taiwan News seems to have quite a bit of print and details on the matter......"An EVA Air cargo pilot from New Zealand"

Infectious New Zealand pilot traveled around Taiwan Dec. 8 to 11
Taiwan News 2020/12/21 12:51

Infectious New Zealand pilot shopped in stores in Taipei, Taoyuan
Taiwan News 2020/12/22 17:04

New Zealand pilot fined NT$300,000 for dishonesty about Taiwan travel
Taiwan News, 2020/12/22 18:39

Airbubba 23rd Dec 2020 02:35

I've heard of a couple of these cases recently with U.S. airlines where someone had been less than candid about the results of a Covid-19 test or Covid symptoms and was later caught going to work in a possibly contagious status. It's a real mess to sort out and buildings have been shut down and aircraft grounded for disinfection.

Originally Posted by Seat4A (Post 10952911)
The Taiwan News seems to have quite a bit of print and details on the matter......"An EVA Air cargo pilot from New Zealand"

Another Taiwan News article about the situation:

EVA Air mulling firing New Zealand pilot for dishonesty about Taiwan travel

EVA Air will hold disciplinary committee to decide whether to fire Kiwi pilot for dishonesty

By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2020/12/22 19:05

EVA Air mulling firing New Zealand pilot for dishonesty about Taiwan travel

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — EVA Air on Tuesday (Dec. 22) announced that it will hold a disciplinary committee meeting and determine whether to terminate a cargo pilot from New Zealand after he was found to have been dishonest with health department officials during their investigation of his contact and travel history while infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.

On Tuesday afternoon, health minister and CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) announced Taiwan's first confirmed local case of COVID-19 since April 12. Chen said that the local infection, Case No. 771, is a woman in her 30s who came in close contact with Case No. 765, the New Zealand pilot who had been associated with a cluster infection of pilots.

That same day, EVA Air responded to the news about its pilot by saying that it will cooperate fully with the CECC's epidemic investigation. It stated that company facilities and the aircraft involved have been disinfected.

Amid allegations that the pilot had violated epidemic prevention regulations and avoided and hindered the epidemic inquiry, the company stated that it will convene a fact-finding committee and a disciplinary committee. If he is found to have violated regulations, he will be dismissed from his position at the airline, reported CNA.

EVA Air stated that it abides by the government's epidemic prevention policy and strictly regulates its crew. The airline says that it requires its employees to strengthen mutual supervision and implementation of COVID-19 safety measures.
EVA Air mulling firing New Zealand pilot for dishonesty about Taiwan travel | Taiwan News | 2020/12/22

Seat4A 23rd Dec 2020 15:39

Reuters - Taiwan's EVA Air sacks pilot blamed for rare local COVID case


epc 23rd Dec 2020 16:59

For those not wanting to read the stories in the links, the potential for a disastrous outcome is very real in this case.

Local residents in Taiwan had become complacent due to the successful quarantine thus far. Social activities and not wearing masks were the norm when this Kiwi pilot was making rounds of multiple shopping centers in several cities over 4 days with his local friend. And when he was found to be infected, he delayed timely contact tracing by refusing to cooperate. Local authority had to invoke police power and GPS-traced his cell phone and personal car. Only then did people realize he had a close local friend, who was then found to be infected as well. Between these 2, and other infected EVA air crew members, it will be luck if this does not break out. And luck is in short supply so far in 2020.

av8sean 24th Dec 2020 03:11

BR Kiwi pilot gets rona and the boot
Sounds like another expat getting blamed for something out of his control.


lee_apromise 24th Dec 2020 07:35

Yeah, BR didn't fire expats during the pandemic unlike other airlines and you consider this as a scapegoat. Seriously, the expat mentality is just mind blowing.

krismiler 24th Dec 2020 11:44

He didn't follow the rules and didn't cooperate with the authorities after he was found to be infected. As pilots, we are a high risk group both for infection and for spreading the virus. We need to follow the rules as carefully as the medical profession do. Hopefully there aren't many more around like him.

armchairpilot94116 25th Dec 2020 06:19


EVA is fined as well. Albeit not a big fine for an airline.

wonderland 25th Dec 2020 08:05

Did his wife find out about his 30 year old “friend”

tcasblue 25th Dec 2020 13:49


I think you will find that the Kiwis are good people who follow the rules in foreign countries. But some people who come from other countries into places like NZ for a new life(because they are so welcoming) may come from cultures that are less likely to follow the rules wherever they go. That gives NZ a bad name. If you dig around a bit more, you will discover what I am hinting at, at least according to a contact I have. Please don't blame the Kiwis over this.

cosmiccomet 26th Dec 2020 10:33

As far as I can see in the post you are quoting, there is no mention of New Zealand citizens. But, you are pointing out the behaviors of migrants to New Zealand without any proof.
I found your comment very racist.

Cloudee 26th Dec 2020 11:03

New Zealanders denounce pilot for spreading coronavirus in Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2020/12/24

The Dominican 26th Dec 2020 17:04

You all missing the point, this is not about Kiwis, idiots come in all nationalities

MCDU2 26th Dec 2020 22:21

Follow the link. Iranian with a kiwi passport.

foxcharliep2 29th Dec 2020 11:27

End result :Flight crews to face stricter quarantine rules in Taiwan

Airbubba 29th Dec 2020 15:57

Originally Posted by wonderland (Post 10954242)
Did his wife find out about his 30 year old “friend”

Nothing unusual. In 1994 60 year-old SFO Mayor Willie Brown had a 29 year-old mistress who has 'sought to distance herself from that relationship' in her quest for the White House.

Another recent case of a Kiwi airline pilot allegedly refusing to adhere to the local Covid rules:

Pilot behaviour-Fact or Fiction?? - PPRuNe Forums

Cypher 29th Dec 2020 19:14

That was a Emirates crew member while visiting Auckland, not a local NZ pilot at the centre of that debacle.

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