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jonny dangerous 22nd Sep 2018 18:36

CAAC Medical Standards
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I found the following PDF of the September 2017 updated medical standards on the CAAC website. It is in Chinese, so it will need to be translated.

mex320 23rd Sep 2018 05:21

Translated to english
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As per title, the document translated to English, I used some webpage automatic translator so it might have a couple of grammar mistakes.

RUMBEAR 24th Sep 2018 00:52

I couldn’t see any mention about blood cholesterol? Would that mean there has been no change from the old standard or that now there is now no level that would disqualify from holding a class 1 medical in China?

jonny dangerous 24th Sep 2018 03:11

That just means that there is no change from the previous standard.

FalseGS 24th Sep 2018 14:41

Not aware of any changes but just did a medical and here are the ranges as per their paperwork

Total cholesterol 3.10-5.85
HDL 0.78-2.00
LDL 0-4.21
Triglycerides 0.50-1.80

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

RUMBEAR 24th Sep 2018 21:55

Thanks FalseGS. Those ranges seem to be the norm world wide. However many countries don’t (that I have experienced) use this as a disqualifying condition. I’m led to believe that above 5.85 total cholesterol and a medical won’t be issued? Anyone able to confirm that?

FalseGS 27th Sep 2018 03:20

It won't be. If there is ever a doubt, go with the negative.

The CAAC medical is as inflexible as can be. They take this very seriously. The overriding MO is to CYA. In a punitive culture, such as theirs, everyone wants to eliminate any doubt that may be cast on them of things go south. Unfortunately, we are collateral damage in this little game they play.

On the plus side, if you do land the gig, the high standards induce us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the needless stress notwithstanding.

drifter3 27th Sep 2018 05:41

Hi all,

My medical has slightly different values. And my values have been constant for a few renewals.
I would normally agree that the CAAC always fail you if there is any error or doubt. But in this case, they have let it slide. (A few times)

CHOL 2.8-5.18 (6.07 my value)
TRIG 0.56-1.7 (1.98 my value)
HDL 1.04-1.55 (1.13 my value)
LDL-CH 2.1-3.37 (3.49 my value)

I haven't asked why, I will just keep going until they fail me on some other imaginary condition.

FlightDetent 27th Sep 2018 20:32

The limits on my paperwork from PEK hospital (February) are the same as drifter3's.

Per normal ICAO standards, the high risk of a cardiac occurrence is a disqualifying condition. High cholesterol alone is not, it is one of the risk factors. It is monitored and added to the evaluation matrix if over the standard limit. When I went over 8, things started happening on the high chol basis alone.

Originally Posted by ICAO Doc 8984 Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine
Serum cholesterol
1.3.4 Although some Licensing Authorities require measurement of the cholesterol, it is not an ICAO requirement. However, a level > 8 mmol/L (320 mg/dL) should be treated (best with a statin, e.g. simvastatin, atorvastatin) whether or not there are other risk factors present. In the presence of overt coronary artery disease, targets should be: total cholesterol < 5 mmol/l (< 190 mg/dL) and LDL cholesterol < 3 mmol/L (< 115 mg/dL) or, in the presence of diabetes < 4.5 mmol/L (< 175 mg/dL) and < 2.5 mmol/L (< 100 mg/dL), respectively.

RUMBEAR 28th Sep 2018 00:44

Hi FlightDetent,

Thansk for your personal experience. So just to confirm your cholesterol recorded above 8 and you where able to hold a class 1 medical in China? ( After considering other risk factors as you showed in the ICAO document ).

Thats interesting. Completely different to what I was told by PARC. But then again they didn’t seem too confident in what they where telling me.


FlightDetent 28th Sep 2018 02:14

No, 5,32. Statin controlled because of 8,0 found during a pre-check I did out of my own initiative 10 days before the visit to PEK at my local AMC.

Nightstop 28th Sep 2018 06:28

Try Ezetimibe (Ezetrol) 10mg in addition to the usual statins, it’ll reduce your total cholesterol even further. It works by reducing the cholesterol absorbed in your digestive tract. LDL is lowered and HDL raised.

de facto 28th Sep 2018 09:05

Any cancer history,even the most benign superficial one is disqualifying for life.

BAe 146-100 28th Sep 2018 09:11

Like anything else in Asia, its not as clear cut as this - your face has to fit also. You have to read in between the lines, having great health and being a great pilot doesn't mean you will pass their selections,its a lottery.

de facto 30th Sep 2018 08:03

Cancer history IS clear cut.= NO medical, period.

Captain Biggles84 11th Oct 2018 04:40

Lung Function
What about lung function tests in the medical? My previous experience in other Asian countries have done one on initial but not on recurrent...

I could only see Chest X-ray in above document. Can anyone share?

Trying to hide Asthma is easy with Chest-X-ray not so easy with lung function test.

safelife 11th Oct 2018 10:19

No such test in my initial summer of 2015, Beijing CAAC hospital.

Count von Altibar 12th Oct 2018 15:45

No lung function test

FalseGS 13th Oct 2018 15:11

Depends on what they ascertain as 'required'. In my group there was a chap who had a benign growth removed two decades ago. It required a CT scan (none of the other 18, including me) were required to do so. One needed a holter test. One was told to get a pair of glasses despite the fact that vision was 20/20; reason given, you are above 45, you NEED glasses irrespective.

Have to look at these tests apart from the standard as needed on a case by case basis. So what one might be required to undergo as a follow up wouldn't apply to all or anyone.

Fabiano Siracuza 13th Apr 2019 17:06

Is it allowed to use lenses to do Caac medical check, or only glasses. Thank you

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