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brown_eyes 21st Oct 2015 07:22

Pilots Wives teaching English in Japan
Are there any pilots whose wives are teaching English in Japan. If the wife has a TEFL certificate would that be enough to teach English.

My wife is interested in teaching English but does not have a Degree or Diploma. It would be nice while I was flying if she could do something interesting and also keep her occupied.



Bushfiva 21st Oct 2015 07:35

If she has the legal right to work full-time or part-time, TEFL should be OK. There's a demand for slightly older teachers, aimed at the older Japanese demographic, especially in the suburbs.

jpn crj driver 21st Oct 2015 07:47

Hey BE

One of our guys brought his wife over and obtained her resident card based on his employment... Being she was a spouse sponsored resident she could only work "part time"... Not sure of the hour limit either 20-30 hours a week... She too was looking more for something to do rather than to bank any real coin... That being said in the Sendai area part time work is somewhat available, especially conversational English... IMO think there should be no issue depending where you hang your hat in Japan... Best of luck...

Kam-pie, JCD

galdian 22nd Oct 2015 06:23

Old info but some 13 years ago the ex did the CELTA course over 5 weeks in Oz before heading to Japan - just in case, also no degree etc.

Part time (if any) was only ever the plan, ended up at a private kindergarten/young children school doing about 12 hours a week and enjoyed the experience.

That was down Kyushu way but I'm sure there'll be opportunities around - depending what level/standard you're looking at of course.

jolihokistix 22nd Oct 2015 09:07

Private teaching will be no problem. Not great pay but more relaxing.

Institutions will be more interested in your qualifications, but you may also hit visa problems.

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