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purplesky 1st Aug 2015 06:14

China positives anyone?
Hi there!
I'm interested to hear some good reports on working in China.
I have been reading a lot on this forum and i'm struggling to find the up side ( part from the cash) !
I am an A320 captain TRE TRI looking for a new challenge and a change of scenary.
I was wondering which airlines are the ones to avoid, which bases are best to live with my family. Schooling, social, sports etc.
I hope you can give me some hope!
Many thanks
in advance

Fratemate 2nd Aug 2015 09:09

You can get cheap laser pens in the markets and inexpensive bags. Apart from that, I can't see any reason to go to China unless pushed.

purplesky 3rd Aug 2015 09:48

Well thats pretty sad.
Of all the people who have worked, or are working in china they have nothing positive to add?
Or is it true that all you read on PPrune is just negative and should therefore be discarded?
C'mon guys pull your finger out!
I can find reams of negatives on this forum, complaining, whinging, griping etc
How bad can it be?

Count von Altibar 3rd Aug 2015 12:14

My friend worked in China for eighteen months. He quite liked the city he lived in (Shanghai) and the only other positive was the money. Other than that he was very negative about his time there.

DescendNow 3rd Aug 2015 13:56

Sadly China
Only go to China if you are willing to put a bit of effort into making friends. Respect is the culture all over Asia and the rewards are good.

I had a great time in China, Korea, Philippines but then I put some effort into the bonding and it turned out trumps.

there is no doubt that most Asian systems are poorly designed due to bureaucracy but a little patients and a stiff coffee will get you on the right track.

Many friends in China and they are happy, especially every month when they visit the bank manager for a glass of champagne!
Work schedules are tough and delays are long, but the bucks are adding up.

Good luck

wellfedCanuck 4th Aug 2015 01:04

The adventure. Meeting new people, seeing new places. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and growing from that experience. The money.

USMCProbe 4th Aug 2015 01:55

Probably if you were happy at your last job, you will be happy at your next one. Bad attitudes tend to be self-perpetuating.

China, like everywhere else, has its ups and downs. The downs can be bad. But the ups can be very high. Up to you.

"The only difference between an ordeal, and an adventure, is attitude"

Chiquitete 4th Aug 2015 07:33

Money and time off.Best commuting contracts...but do not leave your present job just for a try,too risky.

purplesky 4th Aug 2015 11:38

Thanks! much more constructive!

Oceanic815Pilot 4th Aug 2015 11:57

China positives anyone?
Enjoyed living in China. Loved the travel and culture exposure for myself and my family. Our daughters enjoyed it too. Working/flying can be frustrating with ATC delays and such. Wouldn't mind going back for the right job. Your mileage may vary. Good luck and enjoy whatever you do.

gatorman330 9th Aug 2015 06:11

pilots always whinge and gripe on here, its in our genes, life in china can be very good and rewarding but as said the flying can be frustrating, we don't regret our move, been here over 3 years now and hope to finish my career here if it all lasts
Above all, come here with no expectations, have a plan, involve your family on the choices and do your homework on where and why you want to be in china, then commit, everything else is then easy to justify

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