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LH398 27th Feb 2015 20:24

Hainan A330 Berlin based
Hi folks,

anyone among us flying for Hainan being based in TXL???

Best regards,

safelife 27th Feb 2015 20:45

Air Berlin did offer their staff to fly for Hainan, sent some of those interested for assessment. They were quite motivated and looking forward to it...$$$.

After day four (out of 10) of the "shortened assessment" they were running scared. No one did consider the offer.

Their stories and the stories they got told (flying to and from) exactly match what is being told about flying in China on pprune.

dignified 9th Mar 2015 09:38

Only fools and losers like me will come to this Hainan disgrace.
Safelife has put it mildly he has given a clear warning, this place is not for western or foreign pilots, I had to witness over (6) S.Korean chaps whom after they were served a contract agreement, they all declined.

Those of you considering attending the European road shows, I suggest you spend prime time with your family members, a total waste of time, what you see is. It what you get. It is all smoke and mirrors, stay away from this dump.:ugh:

Count von Altibar 9th Mar 2015 23:42

It baffles me as to why they bother going to all the trouble to try and recruit foreign pilots and then make things as difficult as possible once they get there. I guess there's always a lot of jealousy and politics at play, you would think the airline management would quash this out of necessity to get the planes into the air.

Chiquitete 10th Mar 2015 05:34

Agree,I would put it this way,top management needs foreign crew to fly their never ending incoming machines but...PILOT management they just hate us,99% of them so when they get the slightest chance they will crush you.

Cmpp747 27th Mar 2015 00:55

Hi Mike,
I am also looking into flying with Hainan Airlines....
Have you received any feedback yet....?

Skipping Classes 1st Apr 2015 19:55

Anyone here is actually working in Hainan on the A330 at the moment?

All others - please cut the crap.

SkullFlyer 12th Oct 2015 22:56

Hey Skipping, could you contact anyone who is actually flying for HNA ? I am seeking for someone too but it is quite difficult! Look that this forum has become a place for angry and mad people that probably did not pass the screening and do not want anyone else to try.
I really would like to hear for someone flying there, about roostering, environment, living in Beijing, treatment, benefits...
Anyone, please help !

swallowenforcer 13th Oct 2015 10:40

Same here, good and bad please

ShockwaveStu 21st Oct 2015 02:03

Hainan Airlines
Anyone currently flying for Hainan Airlines that can give me some insight. I'm thinking of applying

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