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Avi8tor87 10th Aug 2013 18:17

AirAsia X upcoming Interview - Jeddah base
Hello everyone ,

didnt know where to post this (in middle east section or asia) so i posted here first :)

i have an upcoming interview in a couple of weeks with Airasia X for FO on A330 .

this will be my career step to wide bodies .

i would like to know from any of you who have some background with X ..
-how is the interview like?
-what is the interview process?
-is it done on A320 sim or A330?
-and what resourced do you recommend i should use for preparing?

i have seen previous posts on this forum..but all in 2011,so i assume things have changed..

everyone said Ace the tech interview is their source of interview question .
-is that still the source? and what chapters do you recommend to press on ?

also i have seen that operation from jeddah is only to KLIA ..and heard from someone sometime ago they fly only 1 route ,jeddah to KL,is that true?

finally ,,i have to sum up with one of those :cool: questions ,
how is their onboard crew rest area/beds?
(looking at their interior tho,,i would say they have none at all :) )

please dont give sarcastic answers and comments,,

have something useful or worth sharing for the sake of everyone here :hmm:

thanks for your time in advance :ok:

320wonder 12th Aug 2013 10:03

hey aviator,
Hopefully you can update us after the interview..

do they only take rated pilots? do they accept CCQ from 320?
what's the pay like? local or contract terms?

if the pay is not bad, and they accept CCQ from 320.. i might consider as well... it's an widebody upgrade

How to apply? I have 2500 A320 hours.. would like to apply as well is the package is decent.

attitudeFlying 12th Aug 2013 10:16

Hi Avi8tor87,
'Ace the Technical Interview' has a good list of questions to prepare but some of the answers are either wrong or not explained satisfactorily. So I would advise you to take those questions and refer to the books you learned the theory from for the answers. And if you have a doubt on any topic, search on this forum and many others on the internet.
All the Best!

TopTup 12th Aug 2013 10:48

avi8tor87....(and others), take this with the kindest of intentions. You must work on your grammar. I know this is just a forum but there is a word in the name of it, "Professional" pilots. Habits exposed in such awful grammar and punctuation do and will come out in any decent psychometric testing and/or interview. Try to get out of the bad habits now is all I'm suggesting.

Secondly, and as posted before myself, DO NOT read that poor excuse of a book "Ace the Pilot technical Interview". It is completely full of holes and descriptions of aerodynamic principles that are WRONG. Many airlines will ask you questions from that book to see if you've been silly enough to have used it. If you wish to study aircraft performance then study from an aircraft performance book! Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators is still one of the best for the basic stuff. The same is true for all other areas of study such as met or flight rules. That poor excuse of a book mentioned above is not even good for starting a fire as it would even get that wrong.

Good luck.

mutt 13th Aug 2013 04:39

also i have seen that operation from jeddah is only to KLIA ..and heard from someone sometime ago they fly only 1 route ,jeddah to KL,is that true?
I doubt it as they are operating for Saudia.


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