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Marc1985 29th Mar 2013 10:04

Air Traffic standstill forcasted for Beijing!
Looks like the CAAC needs to get a move on there ATM updates. China could be growing to fast for it's own good

Beijing Approach: Growth without Capacity

Hogger60 29th Mar 2013 12:28

Until the military gives up some of its airspace, the entire commercial aviation in the busy corridors in China will eventually come to a near standstill. How many aircraft can you cram into a 30 mile wide corridor is the question that they are constantly trying to answer. TCAS looks like the Battle of Britain with 20+ aircraft within a 40 mile radius. Climb, descend, offset 1, 3, 5, 10 miles, departure delayed for 40+ minutes while you are 'slotted' in, is the absolute norm there. The question is not 'if' the airspace will become so saturated that it slows to a virtual halt, but 'when' it happens.

Superpilot 29th Mar 2013 16:00

Bigger bottle, same bottleneck

globallocal 30th Mar 2013 07:24

And the new 6 runway airport, due for completion 2018.

Marc1985 30th Mar 2013 12:00

Could not agree more with the comments on it looking like the battle for Britain. Chinese Civil aviation is going to have to go to "war" with the military to get a shot at a efficient system. I few for teh Beijing Controllers. Imagine the Stress! BUT I think that there is a chance that they will get more air routes. China is no stranger to opening up there minds to new ideas to make money. and they will have to open there airspace to make money off Daxing

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