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Leemankin 18th Feb 2012 08:42

Trans Asia Airways Info please
Hello to all expats out there...
Any info on how to apply with Trans Asia airways (Taipei) A320 DEC job opening. Would appreciate any info from anyone who's gone thru the screening and details on how long it would take to take the ATP License conversion, ground school and OE (line training).
Good day and thanks

a320sho 21st Feb 2012 11:35

TransAsia Airways info
The agent is Rishworth, this job offer just started this year, so no one has gone through it yet, not even the screening process. Some info for your reference: The SIM screening will be in Oxford Aviation, Hong Kong, interview and medical check in Taipei. As to ATPL conversion, ground school and OE, I would say around 3 months.

Fly safe :)!


errbus 22nd Feb 2012 14:53

Hello a320sho

Thanks for taking the time to respond to questions. I worked at Great China Airlines there in the 90s and it was an interesting experience to say the least.
I hope you will answer a few more questions.

Are you permanent or on a contract?
What are the rosters like? (# of sectors, hrs /month, early shifts etc)
Do you fly mainly out of Sungshan (can't recall the IATA code) or TPE?
Are there many layovers?
Are the F/Os still mainly retired military?
Do you have any idea what the company supplied accomodations may be like?

Thats a lot of questions.:O Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


a320sho 23rd Feb 2012 13:33

Transasia Airways Info
Hello errbus,

I'm a native captain in this company, permanent. Expect to fly 75-80 hours per month, usually 2 sectors per day, once a while, 4 short sectors. 30% from Sung shan (TSA), 60% from TPE, 10% from Kaohsiung(KHH). Currently only layover in Singapore (Hotel, 36 hours) and Kaohsiung (company apartment, hours depends, minimum 12 hours). FO mainly ab-initial, few ex-military. Friendly environment, if you ask me. What else?



errbus 24th Feb 2012 01:04

Hi a320sho

Thanks very much for the info. It's very helpful. I'm glad that it is a friendly environment.. If you don't mind, I do have some other questions.

Are there many expats on staff?

Is the reason the airline is hiring due to expansion (new aircraft/destinations) or something else?

I remember the traffic in Taipei was quite challenging. Has it changed much? With flights departing from both TSA and TPE, getting around could be a problem. Rishworth makes no mention of transportation being provided in Taipei.

Rishworth indicates a housing allowance of 36,000 NT. I'm wondering if that would be sufficient to rent a nice apartment? I used to live in Tienmu and was paying considerably more in 1995.

Again, thanks in advance for any information.

All the best, Errbus

a320sho 24th Feb 2012 12:34

TransAsia Airways
Hello again, errbus:

Currently no expats, Transasia recruit expats due to rapid expansion (more A320s and 2 new A330 coming). The traffic in Taipei has improved, thanks to the MRT (public transportation system). As to accommodation, you're right, it's impossible to find a decent apartment in Tienmu with NT 36,000, but you should be able to find a good 2-room apartment near Sungshan airport, maybe Sungshan or Neihu district (within 20 mins by taxi). The flight crew always report duty in Sungshan (TSA), company provide crew bus to TPE.

The screening has just started, you'd better hurry up, if you're interested.

Fly safe!


Leemankin 25th Feb 2012 15:24


Thanks for the info..and have a nice day.

anyone? who's done the screening yet? could you give us guys feedback on how the medical screening and interview is? sim profile as well? thanks again.


errbus 25th Feb 2012 21:33

Hello again a320sho

It's tempting, but I'm not quite ready to make the plunge back into contract work. It all depends on what happens with my current job over the next couple of months.

Thanks for the info and all the best.


mchou83 7th Mar 2012 15:32

Hello a320sho,
I would like to know how do they do the sim check since they Transasia doesn't have sim in their base.

a320sho 8th Mar 2012 11:25

Transasia Info
Hello mchou83,

The sim check will be in Oxford Aviation Hong Kong (please see above), one hour for each pilot.



cwchawt2000 11th Mar 2012 17:07

Transasia airways pay scheme
Anyone out there know the pay scale of Captain at Transasia Airways in details incl base ,allowance and taxes? Thx in advance

USMCProbe 12th Mar 2012 07:28


Do you have any contact info for their HR department? I couldn't find anything on their website.

a320sho 20th Mar 2012 00:30

Transasia HR info
Hi USMCprobe,

The recruitment of Expat must be through Rishworth. If you want to email HR Department, try [email protected], they will forward it to HR Department.



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