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SU30 MKI 5th Dec 2011 01:33

A320 U.S.Captains in India
Hello! Guys,where do you go for recurrent training to keep your FAA license current?I have started my contract and I have been told by the airline that I have I will have to do it at my own dime and time.

I will have to do the recurrent sometimes in March.

Rocketmann 5th Dec 2011 03:17

A320 Sim
Give Joe a call at SIm Center in Miami for FAA license. Last one i did was about $2750 with partner, more if solo. He can usually hook you up with a partner if you give him notice.

I have used others, but it is more expensive and I have had some real corkscrews for TRE's.

SU30 MKI 5th Dec 2011 15:17

Thanks Rocket

Gulfstreamaviator 5th Dec 2011 16:12

are you guys on validation or licence
I assume that you have an indian issued licence, and not hanging on your FAA.


SU30 MKI 5th Dec 2011 19:30

Gulfstream,I am a US national so why would I be required to have an Indian license??Plus I am on an expat contract not a local contract and yes I do have a valid FATA validation from DGCA.

SU30 MKI 5th Dec 2011 19:36

Rocketmann,I tried calling SIM center in Miami looks like they have shut their doors.Is there anywhere else I could go for my recurrent?

Panama Jack 6th Dec 2011 00:54

Try PanAm in Miami or U.S. Airways Contract Training in Charlotte.

JotaJota 6th Dec 2011 02:53

Interesting... I flew contract in China and never had to pay for my own recurrent. Just did a PC every 6 mo in China with the airline. Came back to the states and continued flying at my old airline. Simple!

Why pay to stay FAA current when all you need is the DGCA or whatever Indian FAA equivalent is... You might need to do some research on that, but why pay for your Indian currency, that's the airlines responsibility.

NGFellow 6th Dec 2011 05:41

If you are flying in India on a FATA you don't need to be FAA current. As long as you meet all DGCA requirements and complete all their LR/IR whilst flying VT registered aircraft there should be no issues. When you return to the States and are to fly an N registered aircraft then you need to worry about currency under FAR 61.58.

Leemankin 21st Dec 2011 07:58

Been there, so for those who haven't worked in India...there, you have to keep your home license (CAA/FAA/JAA issued) valid, in order for them to validate and give you a 6mos FATA(validation/permit)...this is for expats only...fyi. In China, they give you a Chinese License, same as in Vietnam, Singapore and mostly the rest of the world....not just a validation. Hope this helps answer few of your inquiries..
Nice flight:ok:

Leemankin 21st Dec 2011 08:04

And used to be, they use CAE Sim @ Emirates etc,, which is accredited mostly worldwide...but now, i think they're using their own sim in India, which is not accredited by your local CAA/FAA/JAA agencies....:}

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