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cmcjma 4th Dec 2011 10:34

FAA SIM + B737 examiner in South East Asia
I need to renew my type rating B737-NG by the end of this month.
I am looking for a sim facility FAA approved and an B737 examiner, the closest possible from Singapore.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

captjns 4th Dec 2011 14:48

Try CAE Dubai, or in KL. Mucho dinero though.

Hogger60 6th Dec 2011 03:23

Try Alteon in Singapore.

cmcjma 6th Dec 2011 03:30

FAA SIM + B737 examiner in South East Asia
For your information:

CAE: Our network centers in Asia do not hold any FAA accreditation.

Alteon: I regret to inform you we do not provide such training to self sponsor unaffiliated individual in Singapore

CAE Dubai (note it is said it is the best price, ie 14000 USD, about a full type rating...):
I am aware that you are interested in attending a B737NG FAA proficiency check. Kindly note that we can offer you a B737NG R2 FAA training program. Please note that the FAA R2 consists of two days ground school in the morning followed by 2 simulator sessions (4 hours each) in the afternoon. Please note that you will have to bring a crew member on the course as this is an FAA pre requisite. I have attached the R2 syllabus for your reference.
The best price for the B737NG FAA R2 is USD$ 7,000 per crew. Please let me know if you are interested...

Leemankin 23rd Dec 2011 12:25

If I were you....i'd buy a ticket back home (US)...and I'd bet the cost would be a fraction of those quoted in here....go on vacation man...I think you deserve it...then do your sim at home....:ok:

cmcjma 23rd Dec 2011 13:08

FAA type rating renewal...
Hi Leemankin,
Thank you for suggesting vacation.
I have assess the US solutions.
The lowest price I got is 3800 USD, plus the ticket, the 3/4 days accommodation and other extra, it will be about 5500 USD.
I am still astonished for such a huge cost.

I remember I have paid the full B737 type rating 9500 USD in 2004 including accommodation.
Even though the about 15000 USD today, it means a renewal is between 1/4 and 1/3 of the price of a full type rating...
Is this industry becoming crazy, or am I outdated?

Rotorhead1026 24th Dec 2011 05:29

I paid $5500.00 at Higher Power in Ft. Worth about a year and a half ago for the"R2" program stated above. Actually you'll find a B737 type in an NG simulator to be considerably north of that. You can get the same (FAA) type much cheaper in a -200 sim, if you can find one. It's all supply and demand - it costs five and a half because people will pay that... :{

cmcjma 24th Dec 2011 06:48

Thanks Rotorhead1026.
what do you mean by < You can get the same (FAA) type much cheaper in a -200 sim>?
what is a -200 sim?
Why you say if you can find one?

Thanks in advance.

ZFT 24th Dec 2011 07:33

Is this industry becoming crazy, or am I outdated?

No, this is the result of basically one major player getting control of the training industry over the past decade or so. They havenít made massive investments for no reason. Itís now pay back time.

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