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Redline 11th Oct 2011 10:34

Hainan Airlines
I'm keen to hear genuine views on the above as I'm contemplating contracting for them.. particularly interested on hearing about problems receiving the six monthly bonus..

Anyone able to help?

JotaJota 12th Oct 2011 08:20

There's a great SEARCH feature on this site!!! :ok: :}

A-3TWENTY 12th Oct 2011 19:01

They will pay you as long as you don`t have any punishment.

If you are applying for the A330 non type rated scheme....take care.You will be FO for one year....and loose the curency in the A320... hard way back.

Best broker to go to Hainan is GPS. Don`t take any other.. Specially the european ones...


vikena 13th Oct 2011 09:25

Wasinc possess some of the most disinterested and incompetent people that I have ever dealt with.

I really do not know how they can still be in business.


A-3TWENTY 16th Oct 2011 04:31

Concerne Hainan the priority should be:


Forget all the other ones. Real !!!


Blueair 17th Oct 2011 00:54

It is easy, HN personnels got benifit from wasinc

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